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Welcome to the Wikijunior Extinct Birds!

Remember, take care that this is aiming for children, not for adults. So create books on this project with simple vocabulary. Use descriptive language, but not highly advanced language.

New and want to edit? Start reading how to edit/create the articles properly and check to see any "not done"'s you can contribute to!


Book Author Extinct Bird Complete?
Wikijunior:Extinct Birds/Dodo User:Atcovi Dodo Bird Done
Wikijunior:Extinct Birds/Great Auk User:Atcovi Great Auk Done
Wikijunior:Extinct Birds/Labrador Duck User:Atcovi Labrador Duck Done
Wikijunior:Extinct Birds/Laughing Owl User:Atcovi Laughing Owl Done
Wikijunior:Extinct Birds/Carolina Parakeet User:Atcovi Carolina Parakeet Not done
Wikijunior:Extinct Birds/Upland Moa User:Qwerty number1 Upland moa Not done