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After a long hiatus, I'm again trying to learn Blender, So I'm reading Blender 3D: Noob to Pro. I did this in 2006, and made tiny changes, and then forgot my password. Later, I consolidated the old account with my other Wikimedia accounts via a "usurpation" request. My ancient edits are available at User:Arch dude (usurped).

The Blender software and the wikibook have improved substantially since I was here last, and I am again a totally unqualified Noob. This means that I am the best possible type of editor for catching a certain class of assumptions in the book: competent in software in general, very experienced in Wikimedia editing, and a total Noob in Blender.

A HOWTO for the DNB[edit | edit source]

I want to create a small book: a guide to understanding, interpreting, and using the Dictionary of National Biography. I have no acedemic credentials related to this book: I am not a bibliographer, historiographer, librarian, accredited scholar in any related field. However, I am the founder of a project at Wikisource to make the DNB available there, and now have considerable experience in reading and using this material. This little book is an attempt to make this very rich resource more usable. The book is On understanding the Dictionary of National Biography.

Hobbyist CNC Machining[edit | edit source]

I want to create a book on this subject to bring together much scattered informatino on the web. There are a great many descriptions of DIY CNC machines, and of projects that can be built using these machines. This book will provide general descriptions and principles fro these machies, and will also privide specific examples.

Hobbyist CNC Machining

Workspace[edit | edit source]