United States Government

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The Constitution and Government of the United States of America

Part I- Before the Constitution

  1. Colonial Government in America
  2. The United States under the Articles of Confederation
  3. The Constitutional Convention
  4. Ratification

Part II- The Constitution

  1. The Three Branches of Government
  2. The Federal System
  3. General Provisions
  4. The Bill of Rights
  5. The Later Amendments

Part III- Present Government Structure

  1. The Legislative Branch
  2. The Executive Branch
  3. The Judicial Branch

Part IV- American Government: Theory and Analysis

  1. Criticism of the Legislative Branch
  2. Criticism of the Executive Branch
  3. Criticism of the Judicial Branch
  4. Federalism and State Authority
  5. Constitutional Issues
  6. Civic Society
  7. Foreign Policy
  8. Domestic Issues

Part V- Appendices

  1. Civics Glossary
  2. The Declaration of Independence
  3. The Articles of Confederation
  4. The Constitution and Amendments
  5. The Annotated Constitution of the United States
  6. List of Authors