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Fundamentals for Trainz Trainees
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Retrograding content[edit | edit source]

There is a myth that newer Trainz Simulator 12 (TS12) content cannot be modified to run in an earlier Trainz version. While literally true for Routes and sessions (at least until some 3rd party software engineer tackles the difference between the data models used internally in TS12 and writes a program that translates them), it is not true in the least for unscripted scenery assets and most trackside elements or rolling stock—even most which contain scripts. A critical examination of the difference between the data elements (tags and containers which are mandatory) a v2.0 (TRS2004-SP0) asset and v3.7 (TS12) asset have very few differences. Most of those which do occur happen in Texture.txt files using extended graphical function capabilities not present in older Trainz releases.

Notes and footnotes[edit | edit source]

  • All technical and many HowTo references are normally sourced
  1. from the TrainzOnline wiki,
  2. it's template forms an external link to an N3V Wiki HELP namespace page given only the page title.
  • It add NS and HowTo parameters to link to Help namespace like:  

internal coding
<span class="plainlinks">[{{{1|{{{URL|{{{url|}}}}}}}}} {{{p|{{{2|{{#replace:|{{{1|{{{URL|{{{url|}}}}}}}}}|_| }}}}}}}}]</span>

Usage[edit source]

A close read of the shows the linking string given as {{{1}}} or URL= or url= is the subpage address after the TrainzWiki Help TOC-page listing N3V help articles.

  • Like most every Trainz template it may be given the pretty-text parameter '|p= some string which forms a priority output, otherwise, the template is designed to replace underscores in a url with spaces and display the page title, just as if it were a local page link on any Wikimedia based Wiki project.
  • It is also designed for placeholder parameter {{{2}}} to support the more convenient pipe-separated call normally seen in wikimarkup language:
{{HT|some_underscored_url_pagename |Some pretty name'}}'''

For this template, since the subpage names AND the Trainz Wiki divisions are named for topic clarity, the shorter form using the page name is likely to be what is desired:


</noinclude>HowTo pages

  1. or the various Content Creator's Guides (online or in Trainz releases of yore).


Notes[edit | edit source]



References[edit | edit source]