Traditional Chinese Medicine/Gan Lu Xiao Du Dan

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The formula Gan Lu Xiao Du Dan, designed to induce diuresis, resolve turbidity, clear away heat and remove toxic substances, to address damp-warm disease or summer-heat and dampness, consists of the following:

No. Pinyin Simplified Chinese Grams
1 Huang Qin 黄芩 9
2 Lian Qiao 连翘 6
3 Bo He 薄荷 6
4 She Gan 射干 6
5 Bei Mu 贝母 6
6 Hua Shi 滑石 15
7 Mu Tong 木通 6
8 Yin Chen 茵陈 9
9 Huo Xiang 藿香 6
10 Chang Pu 菖蒲 9
11 Bai Dou Kou (cardamon seed) 白豆蔻 6

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