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The Maryland Entrepreneur's Guide

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A concise guide to federal and Maryland financing and support programs for emerging companies brought to you by the Guide's Original Contributors.

A downloadable PDF version is available here: A Maryland Entrepreneur's GuidePDF.

Please note that the PDF version of the Guide is updated periodically from the Wikibooks version and may not include all current contributions to the Guide that you see today.

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Chapter 1 -Private Financing Several types of early-stage private equity are available for business entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs should be aware of funding sources other than bank loans and their own personal funds.
Chapter 2 -Maryland Financing Programs The State of Maryland has many state sponsored financing programs of which entrepreneurs should be aware.
Chapter 3 –Federal Financing Important small business financing programs are provided by the U.S. federal government.
Chapter 4 –Incubators University and non-university incubators, and incubation associations, can be important for small businesses.
Chapter 5 –Business Enterprise Programs State & county business enterprise programs should be considered.
Chapter 6 –Opportunities for Business Growth Business associations, councils, chambers of commerce and other business support groups may provide assistance.
Chapter 7 –Tax Credit and Incentive Programs Special zoning and tax credit programs can be an important incentive.
Chapter 8 –Intellectual Property Protection A description of the various types of protections available for intellectual property.
Chapter 9 –Choice of Entity Choosing the right entity for your business is the first step in creating a successful company.
Additional Resources Other comprehensive resources may be worthy of additional consideration.
Contributors Participants helping to develop this Guide.