The Maryland Entrepreneur's Guide/Editing Guidelines

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The Maryland Entrepreneur’s Guide is a dynamic business guide for emerging Maryland businesses seeking to locate key resources such as those related to financing, tax incentives, insurance, business registration, certified vendors, grants, incubators, and business planning programs. Preferably the Guide will be updated frequently by readers, by the resource personnel mentioned in the Guide, and by others in order to ensure that it is comprehensive, accurate, and current. Any change to the Guide should support the Guide’s purpose of providing “a concise guide to federal and Maryland financing and support programs for emerging companies" in Maryland.

Each change to the Maryland Entrepreneur’s Guide will create a new draft of the Guide. This “Latest Draft” will be made available to the Wikibook community, including the original contibutors to the Guide and current editors, for consideration, with final approval and implementation of each change made by a designated Wikibook "reviewer." Proposed changes to the Guide may be declined or removed if manifestly inappropriate or outside the scope of the Guide's purpose. The most important editting, however, is by users and the resource agencies and institutions resulting from their efforts to make the Guide more accurate and useful based on their own experience with doing business in Maryland. Thoughtful contributions by all readers are strongly encouraged. For a detailed description of the editing process, please see Using Wikibooks, which is available at A instructional video on how to edit a wikibook or wikipedia article can be found here