The Lyrics of Henry VIII/MAdame damours (Unattributed)

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The Lyrics of Henry VIII
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Though sum saith that yough rulyth me Adew adew le company

[ff. 73v-74r]

MAdame damours
all tymes or ours
from dole dolours
or lorde you gy
in all socours                                      5
vnto my pours
to be as yours
vnytl I dye
vntyll I dye
vntyll I dye.                                       10

And make you sure
no creatur
shall me solur.
Nor yet reayne.
but to endure                                   15
ye may be sure.
Whyls lyf endur
loyall and playne.

Textual Commentary[edit | edit source]

“MAdame damours” is a lyric wherein the lover pledges constancy to his lady. The lines “from dole dolours / or lorde you gy” (ll. 3–4) suggests that this may be a song about or to Katherine of Aragon, who (in the courtly love tradition) would guide her lord, the king, as his lady.

1 damours D’amour, of love.
2 or Are.
3 dolours Mental pain or suffering, sorrow, grief, distress (OED 2).
4 or Our. lord you gy See commentary, above. gy Guide.
5 socours Helps, aids (OED “succour” n 1).
6 pours Powers.
13 solur Solace.

The unattributed “MAdame damours” is through-set in four voices for the first stanza. The text for the third voice contains only the first line, and the second stanza is underlaid below the second voice on f. 73v.

This piece is indexed in Robbins Index & Suppl. 2028.5, Boffey, and Ringler MS TM965. Reprinted in Flügel Anglia 247, Padelford xxxiii, Stevens M&P 412, and Stevens MCH8 53.

Textual Notes[edit | edit source]

Texts Collated[edit | edit source]

H1,2,3,4 (ff. 73v–74r, ll. 1–10 H2,4, l. 1 H3).

2–10 omit H3
3 from dole] dole H1, from dole H2, frome dole H4