The Lyrics of Henry VIII/Appendix 1

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The Lyrics of Henry VIII
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Lyrics of Courtly / Chivalric Doctrine (Pastime, Love, &c.)[edit | edit source]

    Pastyme with good companye (The Kynges Ballade) [Henry VIII] (defence thereof) (14v-15r)
    The tyme of youthe is to be spent [Henry VIII] (pastimes, chivalric feats) (28v-29r)
    Whoso that wyll all feattes optayne [Henry VIII] (love, chivalric feats) (39r)
    If love now reynyd as it hath bene [Henry VIII] (love’s pursuit, frustrated by envy) (48v-49r)
    Thow that men do call it dotage [Henry VIII] (love’s reception, bad lovers criticised) (55v-56r)
    Though sum saith that yough rulyth me [Henry VIII] (support of youthful ways) (71v-73r)
    Whoso that wyll for grace sew [Henry VIII] (truth in love, love as a gift of God) (84v-85r)
    Lusti yough shuld vs ensue [Henry VIII] (virtues of youthful pastimes; allegiance) (94v-97r)
    Let not vs that yongmen be [Unattributed / Henry VIII?] (defence of youth’s love) (87v-88r)

Love Lyrics (Various Topics)[edit | edit source]

    Alas what shall I do for love [Henry VIII] (keeping love, now that it is found) (20v-21r)
    O my hart and o my hart [Henry VIII] (departure) (22v-23r)
    Alac alac what shall I do [Henry VIII] (concern with constancy) (35v)
    Grene growith the holy [Henry VIII] (departure, constancy in love) (37v-38r)
    Wherto shuld I expresse [Henry VIII] (lover’s departure, lady’s assurance) (51v-52r)
    Departure is my chef payne [Henry VIII] (departure, return) (60v)
    Withowt dyscord [Henry VIII] (love’s pain, a prayer for sure love) (68v-69r)
    Adew adew my hartis lust [Cornish] (departure or exile) (23v-24r)
    My loue sche morneth for me [Cornish] (devotion, tale of constancy) (30v-31r)
    A the syghes that cum fro my hart [Cornish] (departure, love’s joys) (32v-33r)
    Adew corage adew [Cornish] (departure from love’s “corage”) (42v)
    Trolly lolly loly lo [Cornish] (pursuit of love, mirth; maying?) (43v-44r)
    A robyn gentyl robyn [Cornish/Wyatt] (debate on constancy of female love) (53v-54r)
    The thowghtes within my brest [Farthing] (departure; service) (29v-30r)
    With sorowfull syghs and greuos payne [Farthing] (departure; pain of leave) (33v-34r)
    I love trewly withowt feynyng [Farthing] (constancy) (44v-45r)
    Alone I leffe alone [Cooper] (absence, solitude; possibly religious) (22r)
    Fare well my Ioy and my swete hart [Cooper] (departure, constancy; answer) (66v-68r)
    Downbery down [Daggere] (exile from lover; disdain) (25r)
    Iff I had wytt for to endyght [Unattributed] (praise of lover; constancy) (34v-35r)
    Hey nony nony nony nony no [Unattributed] (a lover’s complaint and consolation) (36r)
    MAdame damours [Unattributed] (praise, loyalty; of K. of Aragon?) (73v-74r)
    Hey troly loly loly [Unattributed] (love, affirmation and constancy) (80r)
    And I war a maydyn [Unattributed] (progress in love; female speaker) (106v-107r)
    Why shall not I [Unattributed] (consideration of truth in love) (107v-108r)
    Wher be ye [Unattributed] (no comfort in the absence of lover) (110v-112r)
    I loue vnloued suche is myn aduenture [Unattributed] (unrequited love) (122v-124r)
    Hey troly loly lo [Unattributed] (attempted seduction, rejection) (124v-128r)

Occasional Lyrics, and those with Topical Reference[edit | edit source]

    Blow thi hornne hunter [Cornish] (forester song; narrative; 1522?) (39v-40r)
    Yow and I and amyas [Cornish] (allegory; Schatew Vert pageant-disguising, 1522) (45v-46r)
    Whilles lyue or breth is in my brest [Cornish] (K. of Aragon, speaker; of Henry) (54v-55r)
    Aboffe all thynge [Farthing] (royal birth, likely that of 1511) (24v)
    I haue bene a foster [Cooper] (forester song, retiring; 1522?) (65v-66r)
    Whoso that wyll hym selff applye [Rysby] (tournament invitation; pre-1515?] (27v-28r)
    I am a joly foster [Unattributed] (forester song, embracing; 1522?) (69v-71r)
    Adew adew le company [Unattributed] (departure of company; 1511) (74v-75r)
    ENglond be glad pluk vp thy lusty hart [Unattributed] (1513 invasion of France) (100v-102r)
    Pray we to god that all may gyde [Unattributed] (1513 invasion of France) (103r)
    What remedy what remedy [Unattributed] (no remedy for love; 1522?) (108v-110r)

Lyrics on Topics Other than those Above[edit | edit source]

    In may that lusty sesoun [Farthing] (praise of May; birds in song) (26r)
    Deme the best of euery dowt [Lloyd] (moralising couplet) (79v)
    QUid petis o fily [Pygott] (religious; meditation on the Virgin and Christ child) (112v-116r)
    Svmwhat musyng [Fayrfax/Woodville] (meditation on fortune and the world) (120v-122r)
    My thought oppressed my mynd in trouble [Unattributed] (complaint; loss of hope) (116v-120r)

The Lyrics of Henry VIII
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