The Lyrics of Henry VIII/It is to me a ryght gret Ioy, Henry VIII (Incipit)

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The Lyrics of Henry VIII
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Departure is my chef payne I haue bene a foster

[f. 61r]

The Kynge .H.viij.

It is to me a ryght gret Ioy

Textual Commentary[edit | edit source]

“It is to me a ryght gret Ioy” is one line, serving as a round, with some room possible for the entry of additional text. It is not listed in the manuscript’s table of contents. Stevens (MCH8 106) gives a second line to the incipit—“free from danger and annoy”—noting that it is purely an “editorial invention.”

“It is to me a ryght gret loy” is indexed in Robbins Index & Suppl. 1637.2 and Ringler MS TM838. It is reprinted in Stevens M&P 408, Stevens MCH8 45, and Trefusis 25.