The Lyrics of Henry VIII/I love trewly withowt feynyng, Farthing

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The Lyrics of Henry VIII
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Trolly lolly loly lo Yow and I an amyas

[ff. 44v-45r]

I loue trewly withowt feynyng.
my loue she is so trew to me.
To loue her sure. whill I am leuyng.
my hart with her euer shall be.

T. ffardynge

Textual Commentary[edit | edit source]

“I love trewly withowt feynyng” is a song of constancy in love.

3 leuyng Living.

The lyric is through-set for three voices.

“I love trewly withowt feynyng” is indexed in Robbins Index & Suppl. 1328.8, Boffey, Ringler MS TM665. It is reprinted in Flügel Anglia 239, Stevens M&P 402, and Stevens MCH8 424.

Textual Notes[edit | edit source]

Texts Collated[edit | edit source]

H1,2,3 (ff. 44v–45r).

2 so trew] trew H2
3 loue] haue H2
4 euer shall] shall euer H3