The Lyrics of Henry VIII/Hey troly loly loly (Unattributed)

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The Lyrics of Henry VIII
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Deme the best of euery dowt Taunder Naken

[f. 80r]

Hey troly loly loly

my loue is lusty plesant and demure
that hath my hart in cure

hey troly

as the hauke to the lure
so my hart to her I ensure

hey troly loly loly loly loly troly loly troly loly lo troly loly lo

glad to do her plesure
and thus I wyll endure

hey troly loly lo hey troly loly lo hey loly lo

Textual Commentary[edit | edit source]

“Hey troly loly loly” is a round centring on the mirthful and popular phrase “Hey troly [&c.],” in which love is affirmed and constancy is pledged. Cf., in H, Cornish’s “Trolly lolly loly lo” (H 33; see also corresponding notes and commentary) and “Hey troly loly lo” (H 75).

6 ensure Guarantee; also, betroth, espouse (OED v 4, 5.b).

The unattributed “Hey troly loly loly” is transcribed exactly. It is listed in H’s table of contents as the ninety-fifth work as “Hey how troly loly.”

This piece is indexed in Robbins Index & Suppl. 1214.7, Boffey, and Ringler MS TM595. It is reprinted in Chappell Account 375, Flügel Anglia 248, Stevens M&P 414, and Stevens MCH8 57.