The Lyrics of Henry VIII/Adew madam et ma mastress, Henry VIII

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The Lyrics of Henry VIII
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Adew mes amours et mon desyre HElas madam cel que ie metant

[ff. 17v-18r]

Adew madam et ma mastres.
Adew mon solas et mon Ioy.
Adiue iusque vous reuoye.
Adieu vous diz per grannt tristesse

Textual Commentary

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This piece appears in four voices in H. The music of this lyric appears adapted, possibly by Cooper, in “Tyme to pass with goodly sport” in Rastell’s interlude The Four Elements (circa 1517). See Gustave Reese’s Music in the Renaissance (878) for a reprinting of the text to Rastell’s lyric; see also Stevens MCH8 (102n9). A similar textual opening appears in one voice of Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale, nouv. acq. fr. MS 4,379 (f. 58v); in other voices in this work, the text is corrected to “Adieu m’amour et ma maistresse.”

“Adew madam et ma mastress” is reprinted in Stevens M&P 389 and Stevens MCH8 13.

Textual Notes

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Texts Collated

[edit | edit source]

H1,2,3,4 (ff. 17v–18r).

1 Adew] Adieu H3,4
2 Adew] A dieu H2,3; mon Ioy] ma Ioye H2,3, ma Ioy H4
3 iusque] omit H2
4 Adieu vous diz] omit H2; per] omit H4