The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons/Items

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Equippable items[edit | edit source]

Item Location Effect
File:Zelda Oracles L-1 Sword.png Wooden Sword (L-1) Hero's Cave/Already equipped when Main Linked Attack: 2, wears down enemies slowly
File:Zelda Oracle Noble Sword.png Noble Sword (L-2) Lost Woods from Trading items quest/Return Linking Attack: 4, sacred power increases damage done: can fire beams at full hearts
Master Sword (L-3) Lost Woods from Trading items quest while Main Linked/by Return Linking Attack: 6, legendary, can take out most enemies with one swipe
Biggoron's Sword Return Linking Attack: 8, amazingly strong, yet very hard to handle. Must be equipped in both hands, so it will take up both the Template:Gb and Template:Gb slots
File:Zelda Oracles L-1 Shield.png Wooden Shield (L-1) Sold at the shop (30 Rupees)/Equipped when Main Linked Defense: 2 Regular shield, protects against some damage. Can block rocks, deku seeds, and arrows.
Iron Shield (L-2) The blacksmith/Return Linking (Must have Wooden Shield first) Defense: 3 Immune to more attacks than Wooden Shield. Can block fireballs.
Mirror Shield (L-3) The blacksmith while Main Linked/Return Linking. (Must first have Iron Shield, or you'll get that instead) Defense: 5 Best shield, shiny armor protects against many attacks. Can block Beamos beams.
File:Zelda Oracles Rickys Flute.png Ricky's Flute Ricky if the player doesn't have other flute Ricky comes when the flute is played
File:Zelda Oracles Dimitris Flute.png Dimitri's Flute Dimitri while Main Linked Dimitri comes when the flute is played
File:Zelda Oracles Mooshs Flute.png Moosh's Flute Moosh while Main Linked Moosh comes when the flute is played
File:Zelda Oracles Strange Flute.png Strange Flute Return Linking Can become Ricky's, Dimitri's, or Moosh's Flute
File:Zelda Oracles Seed Satchel.png Seed Satchel Gnarled Root Dungeon Carries seeds
File:Zelda Oracles Bomb.png Bombs Gnarled Root Dungeon Break cracked walls and blocks or attack enemies
File:Zelda Oracles Power Bracelet.png Power Bracelet Snake's Remains Can pick up a rock, sign, bush, and vase, or push rollers when equipped
File:Zelda Oracles Rocs Feather.pngRoc's Feather Poison Moth's Lair Can jump one space, cross over danger; jump 3 spaces (just barely) with Pegasus Seeds
Slingshot Dancing Dragon Dungeon Can shoot seeds in eight directions
Magnetic Gloves Unicorn's Cave Can move, attract, and deflect things by magnetic force, or pull towards them
File:Zelda Oracles Boomerang.PNG Boomerang (L-1) Subrosian Dance Mini-game Stop an enemy from moving, activate switches across rooms, retrieve items
File:LoZ OoS Magicboomerang.gif Magical Boomerang (L-2) Ancient Ruins Dungeon Can control this with the Template:Gb while the Template:Gb or Template:Gb (depends on which button it's equiped to) button is held, reaching more objects
Roc's Cape Explorer's Crypt Can jump 3 spaces, allowing slick movement; jump 6 spaces (just barely) with Pegasus Seeds
Hyper Slingshot Sword & Shield Dungeon 3-way slingshot, shoots 3 seeds for the cost of one
File:Zelda Oracles Shovel.png Shovel Holly Allows you to dig and remove earth and sand
Fool's Ore Roc's Feather Robbery event Can actually be used to attack for some strange reason
File:Zeldaoracles Ember Seed.gif Ember Seeds Mystical Tree in Holodrum Can burn signs and bushes, and light torches. Can only be collected from trees in Winter.
File:Zelda Oracles Mystery Seed.png Mystery Seeds Mystical Tree in Holodrum Can get hints from the blue owl, random effect when shot. Can only be collected from trees in Summer.
File:Zelda Oracles Scent Seed.pngScent Seeds Mystical Tree in Holodrum Can attract certain monsters to the scent, or be used as (the best) slingshot ammunition. Can only be collected from trees in Spring.
Pegasus Seeds Mystical Tree in Holodrum Can run faster and jump further,(when using Roc's Feather/cape) can also stop an enemy from moving when fired from slingshot. Can only be collected from trees in Autumn.
File:Zelda Oracles Gale Seed.png Gale Seeds Mystical Tree in Holodrum Warp the player to a mystical tree, blow away an enemy when shot. Can only be collected from trees in Summer.
File:Zelda Oracles Rod of Seasons.PNG Rod of Seasons Temple of Seasons Can change the seasons
File:Zelda Oracles Power of Spring.PNG Power of Spring Spring Spirit Changes the season to Spring
File:Zelda Oracles Power of Summer.PNG Power of Summer Summer Spirit Changes the season to Summer
File:Zelda Oracles Power of Autumn.PNG Power of Autumn Autumn Spirit Changes the season to Autumn
File:Zelda Oracles Power of Winter.PNG Power of Winter Winter Spirit Changes the season to Winter
Bombchus Pasword-linked game; Syrup sells these after you get them Hone in on enemies, then explode

Permanent items[edit | edit source]

Item Location Effect
File:Zelda Oracles Zoras Flippers.png Zora's Flippers Complete the master diver's task Can swim faster by pressing Template:Gb and dive by pressing Template:Gb
File:Zelda Oracles Magic Potion.png Magic Potion Sold at Syrup's Shop, can receive from Maple event Revive the player when out of health
File:Zelda Oracles Gasha Seed.png Gasha Seed Dungeon chests and hidden locations Allows you to grow a Gasha Tree that grows a Gasha Nut that can have rings, faries, a piece of heart, or rupees inside.
Magic Ring See Rings varied effects
File:Zelda Oracles Gnarled Key.PNG Gnarled Key Wake up the Maku Tree Needed to enter Gnarled Root Dungeon
File:LoZ OoS Floodgatekey.gif Floodgate Key Floodgate Keeper's house Needed to open the floodgate
Dragon Key Mt. Cucco Needed to enter Dancing Dragon Dungeon
Rusty Bell Samasa Desert Needed to get the Pirate's Bell
Pirate's Bell Take the Rusty Bell to the blacksmith Needed for the Pirate's Ship to leave
Master's Plaque Complete the Master Diver's task to get this Needed to get Zora's Flippers
Treasure Map Sold at the basement shop in Horon Village Needed to see jewels (used to enter Tarm Ruins) on map
Member's Card Sold at Subrosia Market Needed to enter the hidden shop
Star-shaped Ore Dig up the ground at Subrosia seaside Needed to get the Ribbon
Ribbon Trade in the Star-shaped Ore at Subrosia market Needed to go on a date with Rosa
Spring Banana Mt. Cucco Needed to make Moosh a partner
Jewels Locations listed on Treasure Map Needed to enter Tarm Ruins
Red Ore Subrosia Village Needed to get the Hard Ore
Blue Ore Subrosia Village Needed to get the Hard Ore
Hard Ore Take the Red and Blue Ore to the blast furnace Needed to get the better Iron Shield
File:Zelda Oracles L-1 Ring Box.png L-1 Ring Box Vasu Holds 1 ring
File:Zelda OraclesL-2 Ring Box.PNG L-2 Ring Box Red Goron Holds 3 rings
File:Zelda OraclesL-3 Ring Box.PNG L-3 Ring Box Password-linked Holds 5 rings, the maximum amount

Essences of Nature[edit | edit source]

Item Location Description
File:Zelda Oracles Fertile Soil.PNG Fertile Soil Gnarled Root Dungeon Seeds scattered across bountiful lands are nourished in this Fertile Soil!
File:Zelda Oracles Gift of Time.PNG Gift of Time Snake's Remains Seeds sprout as seasons change with the Gift of Time!
File:Zelda Oracles Bright Sun.PNG Bright Sun Poison Moth's Lair Young shoots grow quickly under the warm rays of the Bright Sun!
File:Zelda Oracles Soothing Rain.PNG Soothing Rain Dancing Dragon Dungeon Bathed in drops of Soothing Rain, shoots grow into saplings!
File:Zelda Oracles Nurturing Warmth.PNG Nurturing Warmth Unicorn's Cave Balmy days build strong saplings with their Nurturing Warmth!
File:Zelda Oracles Blowing Wind.PNG Blowing Wind Ancient Ruins Sweet fruit is born when pollen is carried by the Blowing Wind!
File:Zelda Oracles Seed of Life.PNG Seed of Life Explorer's Crypt Life begins anew when birds carry this, the Seed of Life, to new lands!
File:Zelda Oracles Changing Seasons.PNG Changing Seasons Sword and Shield Maze Scattered seeds sprout in spring, grow in summer, bear fruit in fall and sleep through winter. It is an endless cycle of life... the Changing Seasons!!
File:Zelda Oracles Huge Maku Seed.PNG Huge Maku Seed Maku Tree after collecting all 8 Essences A mystical seed that holds the Maku Tree's full power. It can break the spell of Onox's Castle.