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font-size=11pt; background: #F7FCFA; padding: 0 2px 0 2px;

Fundamentals for Trainz Trainees
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Purpose and usage

This template inserts the code appearing above the box message in style statements on the background color shown in this section in the Trainz header templates for a uniform page appearance.

  • It has no options and takes no arguments; Use by placing inline inside the double quotes of the header template <div style=" ... "> statement beginning each page.
Notes during workup
Final Color of choice du jour
#F7FCFA; (#F9FFFA close, but too light to show code tags well enough! Ditto #F9FCFA;)


(eventually) replacing #FFF8DC; aka Cornsilk --- too dk green=#D8F8DC closer, but a bit too off yellow-greenish #DEFFDC; not sickly, but ... eh!

... most any of these would be better choices: (X11 colors from Wikipedia)

White 	FF FF FF 	255 255 255
Snow 	FF FA FA 	255 250 250
Honeydew 	F0 FF F0 	240 255 240
MintCream 	F5 FF FA 	245 255 250
Azure 	F0 FF FF 	240 255 255
AliceBlue 	F0 F8 FF 	240 248 255
GhostWhite 	F8 F8 FF 	248 248 255
WhiteSmoke 	F5 F5 F5 	245 245 245

consider trying blends with

LightCyan 	E0 FF FF 	224 255 255 morphed to: #E0FFFA, then lightened to #F9FFFA