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Trainz Template help boilerplate
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Purpose and usage

This is common boilerplate for multiple See Also template sections referring to other book division's header and footer templates.

The following is included verbatim in these sections


Trainz Footer templates
  • {{AM&C-bot}} - Similar role, but for the intermediate topics—intro content and operations and skills building group of page topic types.
  • {{FUN-bot}} - Fundamentals and other basic instruction pages focused mainly on general knowledge or the beginning Trainzer's many learning curves.
  • {{ORP-bot}} - Used both for Trainz references (& TOC references) — augmented materials sourced from the N3V Wiki, Pages more suitable to the Appendixes (TOC Appendixes and for topics intersecting AM&C areas for which a category listing (in references) is also desired (so define the AM&C switch parameter).
  • {{TRScc-bot}} - Content Creation topics pages such as those on advanced techniques.