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{|class="wikitable sortable" width="800px" style="font-size:11px;line-height:13px"
! scope="col" | Genus
! scope="col" | Common Name
! scope="col" | Order
! scope="col" | Family
! scope="col" | Subfamily
! scope="col" | Tribe
! scope="col" | Subtribe
! scope="col" | Taxa
{{gi|Coleataenia|panic grass, red-topped panic grass   |Poales 1        |or=Poales        |fm=Poaceae        |sf=Panicoideae     |tr=Paniceae     |st=Arthropogoninae|tx=4}}
{{gi|Cenchrus   |sand bur, fountain grass, buffel grass|Poales 1        |or=Poales        |fm=Poaceae        |sf=Panicoideae     |tr=Paniceae     |st=Cenchrinae     |tx=6}}
{{gi|Cakile     |searocket                             |Capparales      |or=Capparales    |fm=Brassicaceae                       |tr=Brassiceae   |st=Cakilinae      |tx=3}}
{{gi|Brassica   |mustard                               |Capparales      |or=Capparales    |fm=Brassicaceae                       |tr=Brassiceae   |st=Brassicinae    |tx=5}}
{{gi|Silene     |catchfly                              |Caryophyllales 1|or=Caryophyllales|fm=Caryophyllaceae|sf=Caryophylloideae|tr=Sileneae                        |tx=15}}
{{gi|Agrostemma |corncockle                            |Caryophyllales 1|or=Caryophyllales|fm=Caryophyllaceae|sf=Caryophylloideae|tr=Sileneae     |g=Agrostemma      |tx=1}}
{{gi|Lychnis    |campion                               |Caryophyllales 1|or=Caryophyllales|fm=Caryophyllaceae|sf=Caryophylloideae|tr=Sileneae     |g=Lychnis         |tx=3}}
{{gi|Dianthus   |pink                                  |Caryophyllales 1|or=Caryophyllales|fm=Caryophyllaceae|sf=Caryophylloideae|tr=Caryophylleae                   |tx=5}}
Genus Common Name Order Family Subfamily Tribe Subtribe Taxa
Coleataenia panic grass, red-topped panic grass Poales Poaceae Panicoideae Paniceae Arthropogoninae 4
Cenchrus sand bur, fountain grass, buffel grass Poales Poaceae Panicoideae Paniceae Cenchrinae 6
Cakile searocket Capparales Brassicaceae Brassiceae Cakilinae 3
Brassica mustard Capparales Brassicaceae Brassiceae Brassicinae 5
Silene catchfly Caryophyllales Caryophyllaceae Caryophylloideae Sileneae 15
Agrostemma corncockle Caryophyllales Caryophyllaceae Caryophylloideae Sileneae 1
Lychnis campion Caryophyllales Caryophyllaceae Caryophylloideae Sileneae 3
Dianthus pink Caryophyllales Caryophyllaceae Caryophylloideae Caryophylleae 5

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