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Jessica Watson: The Youngest Person to Solo Circumnavigate the Globe


Project Scope

Project Lifecycle, Phases & Tasks

Evaluation of Project Outcomes[edit | edit source]

In determining whether the project was a success involves assessing whether the outcomes were achieved.

Project Goal 1

  • Sail around the world solo, unassisted and non-stop: SUCCESSFUL.

Justification: Watson remained isolated, sought no assistance, did not stop on her journey.

Project Goal 2

Justification: Watson travelled 18, 582nmi; 3, 018nmi less than the official required distance of 21, 600nmi. (Knudsen, 2010).

From a project management perspective, the goals and objectives outlined by the team management were not completely met and therefore it would be unreasonable to declare the endeavour a complete success. However, from a personal perspective, Jessica Watson not only fulfilled her dream of solo-circumnavigating the globe, but achieved so much more than initially intended; several prestigious awards (Order of Australia, Young Australian of the Year, etc.) and numerous continuing marketing and publishing deals.

Overall Project Outcome: PARTIALLY SUCCESSFUL.