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Jessica Watson: The Youngest Person to Solo Circumnavigate the Globe

Background[edit | edit source]

Project Specification[edit | edit source]

The objectives set by Jessica Watson and her team defined the project specification. These key targets included:

• Journey solo, unassisted and non-stop

• Depart and return from the same port

• Cross all lines of longitude

• Cross the equator entering the Northern Hemisphere at least once, and

• Round the Southern landmarks of South America and South Africa

• Cover an orthodromic distance of at least 21,600nmi (40,000km)

Stakeholders[edit | edit source]

Jessica Watson, Family & Friends

General Public

Management & Public Relations Team

5 Oceans Media, headed by Public Relations Manager Andrew Fraser, was responsible for all management aspects of the Jessica Watson journey; website, sponsorship, marketing communications and associated events. More recently, they have presented Watson’s challenge through successful documentaries (“210 Days” and “Another Challenge”), a book release (“True Spirit”) and in early stages of production, a film adaptation called “True Spirit” (McNamara & Nable, 2012).

Sponsors & Suppliers

Major Sponsors:

Ella Baché

Tourism Queensland


Macquarie Life Active

Mobile Travel Agents

Voyage Sponsors:

Watson had 40 Voyage Sponsors, namely OneHD and Panasonic which covered her endeavour and supplied electronics such as ToughBooks and video cameras which she used to communicate with; regularly updating online blogs, streaming live calls with media, family and support team, and captured video content of the voyage (Jessica Watson, 2013).

Project Scope

Project Lifecycle, Phases & Tasks

Evaluation of Project Outcomes