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There are many web browsers available for Linux, I'll show you a few of them.


[edit | edit source]
Created by Mozilla Foundation, can work with many Internet standards and having massive plug-ins base
making it's functionality very high.
Debian has a different name for Firefox: Iceweasel, and it's pre-installed with the system.
Menu-> Network-> Iceweasel
1. There are just a few selected add-ons for Firefox:
a. WOT - makes security browsing better.
b. Adblock Plus - blocks many pop-ups.
c. Xmarks - synchronize your tabs on all computers you work.
d. DownThemAll! - download manager very useful for large file downloading.
e. Download Helper - downloads audio/video files from many, many web sides.
2. If you want to open multimedia applets you have to install one of plug-in to choose:
a. For audio/video files:
apt-get install gecko-mediaplayer
apt-get install xine-plugin
apt-get install mozilla-plugin-vlc
apt-get install totem-mozilla
b. For Java applets:
apt-get install sun-java6-plugin
apt-get install icedtea6-plugin
c. For flash-player plug-in:
apt-get install flashplayer-mozilla
apt-get install gnash mozilla-plugin-gnash
apt-get install swfdec-mozilla
  or (for KDE)
apt-get install klash konqueror-plugin-gnash konqueror-nsplugins

Mozilla official side:
Plug-ins side :
About Firefox on Wikipedia:


[edit | edit source]
Created by Opera Software it's interesting and fast web browser having Turbo option for slow connection,
e-mail client bilt-in and Unite add-on.
Opera Unite lets you share your files straight from your computer, just make an account on Unite
and choose sharing folder. More about Unite: Sidux/Useable application/Opera Unite
Access to Unite you may lock with a password.
Download Opera from home page: and install it:
dpkg -i opera_version.deb
You don't need to configure plug-ins, Opera uses Firefox plug-ins.

About Opera on Wikipedia:


[edit | edit source]
It's default web browser for KDE environment but you can use it with any graphic environment too:
apt-get install konqueror
You may install plug-in package:
apt-get install konqueror-nsplugins

Konqueror home page:
And on Wikipedia:


[edit | edit source]
Mozilla's internet suite consists web browser, e-mail and news client, HTML editor and IRC client.
SeaMonkey has different name for Debian: Iceape.
apt-get install iceape 
To have access to multimedia plug-ins make symbolic lins to folder:
Symbolic link making description is here: Sidux/Useable applications/Java

SeaMonkey home page:
And Wikipedia:


[edit | edit source]
Web browser created by Google Corporation can be downloaded from:
dpkg -i google-chrome_version.deb
Chrome uses all Firefox plug-ins.

Add-ons are available on:
More about Chrome on Wikipedia:
Home page:

[edit | edit source]
One of text line web browsers is ELinks. In a case of graphic server failure use ELinks typing:
elinks www.page_address
  such as
It doesn't display any graphics objects but works very well.

Home page:
ELinks on Wikipedia:


[edit | edit source]
Midori :, Wikipedia:
Flock : , Wikipedia:
Epiphany :, Wikipedia:
Galeon: ,Wikipedia: