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I'll try to show you how to make connection with second computer working under Windows OS in local network.
To do that I will use samba and one of it's GUI.
As a second way I'll make connection using Opera web browser.

Samba[edit | edit source]

Samba provides file and print services for Microsoft Windows clients in local network.
I have tried a few samba GUI but only one worked for me very well.
But it doesn't mean it'll be the same on your computer, you should try theme yourself.

Samba home page:
Samba on Wikipedia:

SMB-Browser[edit | edit source]

SMB-Browser is the one application that worked on my computer well.
It's not available in Debian repositories, I have found it pre-installed with Elive 2.0 linux distribution.
1. Add Elive server address:
# Elive
deb lenny main elive drivers tests efl ports multimedia games other  
deb lenny main contrib non-free  
to repository list using a text editor as root:
mousepad /etc/apt/sources.list.d/debian.list
2. Next refresh package list and recive a public key:
apt-get update
gpg --keyserver --recv key_ID
gpg --export key_ID | apt-key add -
apt-get update
3. And install application:
apt-get install smb-browser smb-admin
4. After that change rights for two files responsibility for mounting and unmounting shared files:
chmod u+s /sbin/mount.cifs
chmod u+s /sbin/umount.cifs
5. Run SMB-browser from: Menu-> Network-> Browser of Share
a. In "preferences" tab make:
- mark "mount.cifs"
- type user name and password of second computer
b. Go to "Main" tab:
- type IP address of second computer
- click on "Search by Hostname or IP"
c. If everything is all right you'll see second's computer's shared folder in left down window.
d. Click on "Mount" to mount it and "Browse" - it'll open Thunar file manager.
e. All the files you can copy, edit, remove or send new one out from your computer.
6. To finish connection click on "Un-mount".

Others samba GUI[edit | edit source]

  1. Smb4k:
  2. Smb2www:
  3. Komba2:
  4. Samba GUI list:

Opera Unite[edit | edit source]

Second way to make connection with another computer (under any system) is using Opera Unite Sidux/Opera.
Unite lets you share your files, videos, music, etc via internet.
1. Choose "Unite" icon from left panel, then "File sharing" and click on "Start".
2. A configurator will open a window so click on "Next".
3. In next step make registration on Opera server.
4. Or log in if you have an account.
5. Next step - choose your computer name for Unite.
6. And next choose a folder you want to share.
7. After that go to your Opera main page, copy the address link for your friends.
8. Don't forget to give your password to theme.
9. To finish sharing just click on "Stop".

Others[edit | edit source]

Tsclient - remote desktop tool:
Vinagre - remote desktop tool:
Rdesktop - remote desktop protocol client:
Team Viewer - remote control, desktop sharing and file transfer tool: