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History[edit | edit source]

In Sept. 2013 I started the design and the implementation of the Ring programming language. After 21 months of development, In May 2015 the language Compiler & Virtual Machine were ready for use!

After that i spent three months testing the language again, trying to discover any bug to fix, writing better tests, by the end of August 2015, all know bugs were fixed, Writing many tests and testing automation using batch files and diff.exe helped a lot in getting a stable product.

In 12 September 2015, most of the documentation was written. Before releasing the language i started the marketing by writing a post in Arabic language about it to my facebook profile page asking for contributors interested in the language idea after reading a short description, in the same day i got a lot of emails from developers and friends interested to contribute!

The first version of the language Ring 1.0 is released in January 25, 2016