Proteomics/Proteolytic processing/Autoprocessing

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This is the process in which a protein modifies itself to convert a proprotein into an active protein. Classic example of this is the autoprocessing of furin family of endoprotease. Furin the most widely used proteolytic processing enzyme and functions mainly for cleavage of proproteins needed to maintain cellular physiology.Furin family of protease is also called the PACE family. Furin is transmembrane protein which is synthesized as a 100KDa protein. This protein undergoes catalytic cleavage in the Endoplasmic reticulum to become acxtive furin which is 94 KDa. The proprotein however remains bound to the protein and acts as the furin inhibitor. The polypeptide release then occurs in the trans golgi network where furin becomes active.

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