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a Western Abruzzese dialect of the
Neapolitan language continuum
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Conjugation of esse’, to be
Conjugation of havè, to have
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For an idea of the Pizzonese verb system, there are a way fewer number of verbs than in Italian, similarly to Neapolitan. The verb for to add, for example, is the same for to put (méttere), to give an idea of how much simpler it is.

The conjugations though are a bit more numerous and there are just about as much (if not more) irregular verbs as in Italian, with some verb conjugations staying the same from singular first to third person.

Many of these infinitive verb forms are starkly similar to their Italian counterparts, while more than half of all Italian verbs themselves have no respective counterparts in Pizzonese. Frequently though, verbs are "loaned" from Italian and in some cases are added permanently.

These verbs are listed alphabetically, but I will also make another section where they will be listed alphabetically and according to their ending. My hope is that when you take a look at these verbs, you can see for yourself what I mean. La mana de Ddije t’ajute!