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NOTE: Much of the formatting and text structures have been borrowed from the Neapolitan Wikibook. Sections may be more or less similar to their counterparts.

Welcome to the Wikibook of the Pizzonese dialect. Pizzonese is a Western Abruzzese variant of Neapolitan with origins in N. Molise. It was widely spoken in the renowned village of Pizzone, but is now spoken by a few several hundred Pizzonesi emigrants (which is a lot by demographic standards). Pizzone itself is the Molisean place with the highest number (or proportion) of colonizers and emigrants across the world. Pizzonese is related to many other Western Abruzzese dialects across northern Isernia and the southeastern fringes of Ciociara, Settefratese being a good example.

Table of Contents


50% developed Alphabet and pronunciation
75% developed Nouns and articles
75% developed Adjectives
100% developed Pronouns
0% developed Conjugation of esse’, to be
0% developed Conjugation of havè, to have
100% developed Interrogatives
0% developed Adverbs • Prepositions • Conjunctions

Old section

25% developed Alphabet and Pronunciation
50% developed Nouns
50% developed Articles
25% developed Prepositions
50% developed Adjectives
100% developed Pronouns
100% developed Verbs
25% developed Adverbs
25% developed Conjunctions
50% developed Interrogatives


25% developed Greetings
75% developed Common verbs
0% developed Numbers
0% developed Calendar
0% developed Colors
0% developed Weather
0% developed Food
0% developed Parts of the body
0% developed Rooms of the house
0% developed Expressions


0% developed Bibliography
0% developed Sites