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Pinyin#Pinyin tone marking

Wuhan is situated in the central part of China. It is the capital of Hubei province. It is the political, economical and cultural center of Hubei province. The world's third longest river Chang Jiang river and its longest branch river Han Jiang river meet at Wuhan, dividing Wuhan into three parts - Wuchang, Hankou, Hanyang. Wuhan administers 13 districts and 3 national development zones - Wuhan Economic Technology Development Zone, Donghu New Technology Development Zone, Wujiashan Taiwanese Businessmen Investment Zone. The area of Wuhan is 8,494km2, its population is 10,000,000+.

Wuuhahn weihyur ZG d zhongbuh. ta shih Hurbeei Sheeng d sheenghuih. ta shih Hurbeei d zhehngzhih, jingjih her wernhuah zhongxin. shihjih dih-3 charng herliur Charng Jiang her ta d zuih charng zhiliur Hahn Jiang zaih Wuuhahn xianghuih, baa Wuuhahn fenweir 3 buhfehn - Wuuchang, Hahnkoou her Hahnyarng. Wuuhahn guaanxiar 13'g dihqu her 3'g guorjiajir kaifaqu - Wuuhahn Jingjih Jihshuh Kaifaqu, Donghur Xinjihshuh Kaifaqu, Wurjiashan Tairshang Tourziqu. Wuuhahn miahnji 8494km2, rernkoou 1000'0000+.