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Pinyin#Pinyin tone marking

Taiyuan is the capital of Shanxi province of China. It is an important key city in the central China region. It is an important base of new material and advanced manufacture in China. It is a cultural ancient city with a long history. It is a political, cultural and international exchange center in Shanxi. It is the policy making and management center of Shanxi's economy. It is an important city in the north China region, and the core zone of Taiyuan metropolitan area. It has an area of 6,959km2, with a population of 4,200,000+.

Taihyuarn shih ZG Shanxi-sheeng sheenghuih. ta shih ZG zhongbuh dihqu zhohngyaoh d zhongxin cherngshih. ta shih ZG zhohngyaoh d xin cairliaoh her xianjihn zhihzaohyeh jidih. ta shih lihshiiyoujiuu d wernhuah guudu. ta shih Shanxi d zhehngzhih, wernhuah her guorjih jiaoliur zhongxin. ta shih Shanxi jingjih d juerceh her guaanlii zhongxin. ta shih ZG beeibuh dihqu zhohngyaoh cherngshih, her Taihyuarn dushihquan herxin quyuh. ta d miahnji 6959km2, rernkoou 420'0000+.