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River Nile map

The Nile is a river in Africa. It is the longest river on Earth, about 6,650km, and flows into the Mediterranean Sea. Many different kinds of animals live in or near the waters of the Nile, including crocodiles, birds, fish and many others. People use the river water for everyday use, watering crops and other jobs.

Nile Her shih Feizhou herliur, shihjieh zuih charng, yue 6650km, liurruh Dihzhong Haai. heenduo butorng zhoongleih d dohngwuh shenghuor zaih Nile Her liuryuh, yoou ehyur, niaao, yur, deeng. rern'men yohng hershuii zuoh rihcharng shenghuor, guahngaih her qirta yohngtur.