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Pinyin#Pinyin tone marking

Kunming is the capital of Yunnan province. It is the only super city of Yunan and the 4th largest city in the west of China. It is the political, economical, cultural, technological and transportational center of Yunan. It is an important core city in the western region of China and is a tourism and commercial city. It is a door of China facing Southeast Asia and South Asia. It is a famous historical cultural city of China and is an excellent tourism city. It has an area of 21,015km2, with a population of 6,500,000+.

Kunmirng shih ZG Yurnnarn Sheeng sheenghuih. ta shih Yurnnarn weiryi d tehdah cherngshih her ZG xibuh dih-4 dah cherngshih. ta shih Yurnnarn zhehngzhih, jingjih, wernhuah, kejih, jiaotong zhongxin. ta shih ZG xibuh dihqu zhohngyaoh d zhongxin cherngshih her lvvyour, shangmaoh cherngshih. ta shih ZG miahnxiahng Dongnarnyah her Narnyah d mernhuh. ta shih ZG zhuhmirng d lihshii wernhuah cherngshih her youxiuh d lvvyour cherngshih. ta d miahnji 2'1015km2, rernkoou 650'0000+.