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Changsha is the capital of Hunan province of China. It is the second largest city of central China and of midstream region of Chang Jiang river. Changsha is located east of Hunan. It is a famous historical and cultural city of China, having 3,000 years of history. It is the political, economical, cultural, transportational, and scientific education center of Hunan. Changsha is an important core city in southern China. Changsha is located in the plain downstream of Xiang Jiang river. It has an area of 11,819km2. Its population is 7,100,000+.

Charngsha shih ZG Hurnarn Sheeng d sheenghuih. ta shih ZG zhongbuh her Charng Jiang zhongyour dihqu dih-2 dah cherngshih. Charngsha weihyur Hurnarn dongbuh. ta shih ZG d lihshii wernhuah mirngcherng, yoou 3000+ niarn d lihshii. ta shih Hurnarn d zhehngzhih, jingjih, wernhuah, jiaotong her kejiaoh zhongxin. Charngsha shih ZG narnbuh zhohngyaoh d zhongxin cherngshih. Charngsha weihyur Xiang Jiang xiahyour pirngyuarn. ta d miahnji 1'1819km2, rernkoou 710'0000+.