PSLE Study Guide/English

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PSLE English is a multiple-paper subject that has papers taken on different dates. It is composed of:

Oral[edit | edit source]

The candidate is required to wait in the waiting room based on his team number. When he is called, he will need to proceed to the table of the timekeeper depending on the team number. The candidate will look at a passage and a picture within 5 minutes. Afterwards, he will need to stop and return the picture. After that, he needs to wait for the examiner to finish.

PSLE Oral has three components:

  • Reading
  • Picture discussion
  • Conversation

Reading[edit | edit source]

The candidate needs to read a passage. Marks are given according to fluency and pronunciation.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  1. Read out the passage during the 5 minutes while you are looking at the passage and the picture.
  2. Pronounce every word clearly.
  3. Do not speak too loud or soft.