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Picture Conversation[edit | edit source]

Look at the picture and think about what you are going to say in that small time that the invigilator or tester allows you to.

Greet the examiner before starting, politely asking if you may have a seat. Though you may know very well that you are supposed to have a seat, just ask. It's only polite. Be relaxed and calm, don't be nervous, fidgety and shaky. Your voice might tremble that way. Speak loud and clear, sitting up straight. Start looking or talking about the picture from left to right, or up to down. Not all over the place as the tester will feel confused, and that could lower your marks. When you decide on talking about a certain person/thing (e.g. girl eating a lollipop), mentally ask yourself 3 of the 5 Ws:

Who? What? Where?

Start describing details on what the person/thing is wearing, doing, playing with, eating, do not over-describe, though. You will need to know when you have to stop. At times, there will be a few people of different descent, like an Indian man or a Malay woman. There might be other people of different races too! So just in case, if you see a woman wearing a long 'shirt' and a long 'dress', she is wearing what is called baju kurong. The Malay males wear songkoks on their head. If you see a curly-haired man (do not just assume that he/she is an Indian because he/she has curly hair), take note of the skin, or what he/she is wearing, then you can state what that man is. (e.g. An Indian man may wear a [turban] on his head. An Indian woman wears a sari.

Information: All PSLE pictures are given in black and white.

Conversation/Oral Discussion[edit | edit source]

Make eye-contact with the tester, don't be shy nor afraid. When you make eye-contact with a person, it's like you are telling them that they are paying attention to what you're saying, and that you are very attentive. If the tester asks you a question like, "Have you ever been on an airplane before? Please tell me about your experience." And if you have never been on an airplane, just say 'yes', and think immediately about how you're going to explain your experience. Unless you cannot think that quick, just answer truthfully and the tester will direct you back to that question in a different way since they are trained to do that. Do not do that too many times though! Sometimes the tester has no choice but to end the discussion if they cannot think of anything else to direct you back to the question.

When you're done, thank the testers and bow towards them. If the testers are that kind, wish them a long life or any other wishful thank-yous such "Have a nice day" or "Have a blessed future", and they might even give you extra points! So, good luck.