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ENGLISH PAPER 1 The English paper 1 usually comprises of a composition and a situational writing(SW). You will be given an hour and ten minutes to finish the compo and SW , inclusive of planning.

COMPOSITION The compo is usually comprised of 4 pictures and you are to write a story according to the pictures.Since 2015, there is a change to the composition format where you can choose from 3 different pictures to create a story.You need to choose at least one picture.This allows for greater creativity and more content. To excel , a tip is to read more compositions and stories to let you have more ideas to choose from. Also , read the composition at least once after you have finished to check for any gsp errors, Gsp-Grammar, Spelling and punctuation You can also use more good vocabulary to get higher marks.Remember to always stick to the theme (etc You are to write a composition about KINDNESS) and mention the picture more than once in your story clearly.For example, if i chose a picture about a crying boy i need to state that a boy was crying in my composition clearly. It is not recommended to use more than one picture in your composition.

SITUATIONAL WRITING(SW) A situational writing is usually of writing a postcard, email or letter. It will come in two tones: Formal or Informal. There would usually be a poster or pictures describing a story.There will be six points at the back of the picture. You will also be told what to write about on the back. Be sure not to spend more than 20 minutes on this.Start off with a 'sir' or 'madam' and read at least once after you have finished for GSP errors.Usually one or more of the six points on the back of the paper will be on one sentence like: Where and when is the competition held? When you end , use Your Sincerely if you know who the person is(your friend, principal etc) or Your Faithfully if you do not know the person.If the tone is informal, start off with a how are you? or a friendly question after the Dear ... . If the tone is Formal , you would have to write formally.(respectful and like speaking to your elders) You have to use a two finger spacing for each paragraph for reports.You can also use two finger spacings to start a paragraph not in reports or just start on a new line.

End of English Paper 1