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A game of classic Monopoly.

Monopoly is an American originated family board game played worldwide since the early 20th century. It is published and distributed by Hasbro and Parker Brothers today. This book details some rules for Monopoly.

This is a collaborative book to which anyone can contribute. Please see the project page for details of current tasks.

Notable variations, add-ons and spin-offs:

Notes[edit | edit source]

Throughout this guide the American (Atlantic City) and UK (London) property name versions will be referred to, in that order (i.e. "Boardwalk/Mayfair"), and no others. This is because they are the most common versions, Atlantic City being the original edition and London being the default Commonwealth edition (now usually replaced by national capital editions). If you have a foreign set and don't know what property is being referred to, consult the Wikipedia article on localized versions of the Monopoly game.