Mewa User's Guide/Footage node

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About[edit | edit source]

Footage node holds a sequence of images. Images are indexed from 0 to N, N being the number of images/frames.

Footage nodes are added to the node-graph from the file browser. To open the file browser click .

Imported footage from the file browser appears in the node-graph as a new node. The node has the name of the imported file.

Footage node

Parameters Panel[edit | edit source]

Footage parameters

Frame Index[edit | edit source]

The footage node holds a sequence of images, indexed from 0 to N. By default, when a footage node is created a new curve is created mapping the image index to the frame number, as shown.

Default frame index curve

The default frame-index curve is a diagonal curve that goes from 0 to N, N being the number of images in the footage node.

To holding a frame we repeat a given image index for several time frames.

Frame index curve with holding frames

Trimming erases images from the footage node.

Frame index curve trimming the first 2 frames

Metadata[edit | edit source]

Tool tip[edit | edit source]

A status bar message is displayed while hovering the mouse cursor over a footage node. This status bar message shows the footage resolution, number of frames and the footage file name.