Mewa User's Guide/Import footage

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Footage files[edit | edit source]

Image files, video files and image sequences can be imported into Mewa.

Image sequences are files of still images (png, tga) which file names end in a number before the extension, for example image001.png, image002.png, image003.png, and so on. When browsing for files like this, you may notice that the sequence is presented as one item. That’s because Mewa’s file browser groups these images together into one item to make it easier to select the whole sequence.

Import footage[edit | edit source]

To start importing footage click on to open the file browser. The file browser window shows up sliding from the right.

A screenshot of the file browser window is shown below.

File Browser Window

Select the file to import and press OK. A new node shows up in the node-graph window.

Supported formats[edit | edit source]

The video formats currently supported are:

  • mp4
  • avi
  • flv
  • mkv
  • mov
  • wmv
  • webm
  • y4m

The image formats currently supported are:

  • png
  • tga