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Messier 41
Messier 041 2MASS.jpg
Credit: w:2MASS/w:NASA.
Observation data (w:J2000 epoch)
Constellation w:Canis Major
Right ascension 06h 46.0m[1]
Declination -20° 46′[1]
Distance 2,300 ly[citation needed] (710 pc)
Apparent magnitude (V) 4.5[1]
Apparent dimensions (V) 38′[citation needed]
Other designations M41,[1] NGC 2287[1]

Messier 41 (also known as M41 or NGC 2287) is an w:open cluster in the Canis Major constellation. It was discovered by w:Giovanni Batista Hodierna before w:1654 and was perhaps known to w:Aristotle about w:325 BC.[2] M41 lies about four degrees almost exactly south of w:Sirius. It contains about 100 stars including several w:red giants, the brightest being a w:spectral type K3 giant near the cluster's center. The cluster is estimated to be moving away from us at 23.3 km/s.[1] The w:diameter of the cluster is between 25 and 26 w:light years. Its age is estimated at between 190 and 240 million years old. M41 is also referred to as NGC 2287.

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