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The MeGUI AviSynth script creator is used to create the AVS file which will supply the data to the video encoder to be encoded. It provides a standardised way to load any type of video into one program, as well as process it in various ways. The AVS creator provides a frontend to create the AVS script for you.

Page 1: Options[edit]

Basic input and processing.

  • Video Input: Load the video source you want to use as input.
  • Re-open original video player: Reopen MeGUI's video preview window.
  • Video DAR: Set the input DAR. MeGUI mostly detects this correctly.
  • Clever (TM) Anamorphic Encoding: Checking this box will enable anamorphic encoding. There are three methods to encode anamorphic video with MeGUI:
  • Resize to mod16: Video is cropped as requested, then resized to mod16 dimensions.
  • Overcrop to achieve mod16: Video is cropped by at least the requested numbers. Extra cropping is done so the final video is mod16.
  • Encode non mod16: Video is cropped as requested, then resized as requested.
  • AVS Profile: You can load an Avisynth profile here. AVS profiles are templates used when by the AVS Script Creator. Their use should be reasonably self-explanatory if you know enough to touch them.
  • Crop: 'Cut' the sides off the input video, in case there are black borders. MeGUI will graphically the cropping if the video preview window has not been updated since it was opened.
  • Resize: Resize the video. Resizing is only allowed to multiples of 16, and when reducing the resolution. See these two pages for information on why these restrictions exist.

Page 2: Filters[edit]

Deinterlacing and other filtering.

  • Deinterlacing: Choose what deinterlacing (if any) should be applied.
  • If you know the video type already, set the 'Source Type' and choose appropriate deinterlacing.
  • If you don't know the video type, click 'Analyse' (make sure 'source is anime' is ticked if appropriate). MeGUI will make a (virtually always) accurate guess as to the source type and suggest filtering.
  • Resize Filter: Choose the resizer algorithm. Generally, spline36 is a good choice.
  • Noise Filter: The noise filter adds one of four predefined noise reducing scripts to the AVS file. The noise reductions go all the way from undot() to Convolution3D("movielq").
  • MPEG2 Deblocking: Should only be enabled for very blocky MPEG-2 sources, which generally means not on DVDs, such as the following:
  • Colour Correction: Automatically added with .d2v sources. Colour correction for DVDs and other MPEG2 files ensures the video has the right colours.
  • Framerate: Required only if MeGUI cannot auto-detect it.
  • Vertical Flip

Page 3: Manual Script Editing[edit]

Options on all pages[edit]

The options down the bottom of every page:

  • On save close and load to be encoded: When this is checked, immediately after saving the AVS creator will be closed and the AVS loaded into MeGUI ready for you to set up video encoding options.
  • Preview: Clicking this will refresh the video preview window. Be aware this causes a problem when cropping, as detailed above.
  • Save: Saves the AVS.