Maya 3D: Zero to Hero

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About This Book[edit]

Most of those here interested in 3d modelling probabily already know the featured book Blender 3d: Noob to Pro, it's a wonderful piece of work that helped me learn a lot, so I wanted to pass the love around by making an effort towards making a structured way to learn one of the big beast in the 3d panorama: Maya 3d. To do so I intend, whenever possible, to go over the point made by Blender: Noob to Pro and translating them into Maya, it may not be the best approach for a standalone book but as long as I'm going to write this alone it's my best bet to complete this project in the speediest manner possible, but I sincerely hope that others will come to help me in this frankly enormous endeavour. Without further ado let's begin.

Useful resources[edit]

Autodesk: this is the website of the company producing Maya, you may download a 3 year educational license for Maya (or any other program made by Autodesk) simply by signing in, the only limitation in the educational software is an annoying banner when you save, a more than fair bargain if you ask me. Autodesk learning pages: quite a bit of help for both beginners and the not so beginners.

Table of Contents[edit]

Unit 1: Background[edit]