Mandarin Chinese Grammar for Pimsleur Students/Yes/No answers

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Yes/No answers[edit | edit source]

Present (Examples)[edit | edit source]

是 / shì / to be[edit | edit source]

你是中国人吗 ? nĭ shì Zhōngguó rén ma? Are you Chinese?
是 ◦ shì. Yes. 我是中国人 ◦ wŏ shì Zhōngguó rén. I am Chinese.
不是 ◦ bù shì. No. 我不是中国人 ◦ wŏ bù shì Zhōngguó rén. I'm not Chinese.

知道 / zhī dào / to know[edit | edit source]

Verbs that consist of two words are treated the same way:

你知道吗 ? nĭ zhī dào ma? Do you know?
知道 ◦ zhī dào. Yes. 我知道 ◦ wŏ zhī dào. I know.
不知道 ◦ bù zhī dào. No. 我不知道 ◦ wŏ bù zhī dào. I don't know.