Mandarin Chinese Grammar for Pimsleur Students/Phrases

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Phrases[edit | edit source]

… bà let's say, …
不客气 búkèqì you’re welcome, don’t mention it
对不起 duìbùqĭ I’m sorry, pardon me
麻烦你 máfán nĭ, … please, … (lit.: trouble you)
there you go, there you are (handing something to a person)
那么 nàme in that case, …
你好 nĭ hăo hello
你们好 nĭmen hăo hello (to more than 1 person)
你好吗 ? nĭ hăo ma? how are you? (not a greeting)
我啊 wŏ à, … as for me, …
谢谢 xiè xie thanks
谢谢你 xiè xie nĭ thank you
再见 zàijiàn good bye
早好 zǎo hăo good morning