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Manchester Field Course 2009

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This document is a collaborative report generated in connection with the a field course to Manchester(UK) and surrounding landscapes. The participants in the field course are Master students of geography from Roskilde University Denmark. The document is a combination of a desktop work before the field course and observations for the fieldwork period (14 days) The subjects covered in this document are a combination of mandatory subjects defined by the course teachers and subjects chosen by the students. We have chosen the Wikibook format in order to facilitate co-authoring with people and organizations outside the field course group.

Contents[edit | edit source]

  1. Course Program
    1. Program preparation: An overview of the preparation period
    2. Program field: An overview of the field work period and course diary
  2. Mandatory subjects
    1. Classical industrial production: Classical industrial production in Manchester
    2. Information/Media industry: Information/Media industry in Manchester
    3. Experience Economy: Experience Economy in Manchester
    4. Urban reproduction: Functional mapping of Urban reproduction in Manchester
    5. Landscape Character Assessment
    6. rural regeneration
    7. Nature reserve management
  3. Student projects
    1. New urbanism
    2. Event management
    3. Strategic planing
    4. Planing from a child perspective

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