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Configuration | Design | Content | Development | Miscellaneous



  • This TOC lists all pages in the order to be learned when starting/configuring MOS. Also it's recommended to start articles from here.
  • Another - TOC (official) ir here
  1. Mambo Open Source
  2. Mambo for a beginner
  3. Terms
  4. Server requirements
  5. Getting Mambo
  6. Placing the files
  7. Installation
  8. Installing step by step
  9. Configuration File
  10. Server-side scripting
  11. Have more than one mambo installation on the same server
  12. Hiding pathway on frontpage
  13. Templates
  14. Convert templates from 4.5 to 4.5.x
  15. Create your own template
  16. Mambo Open Source/Multilanguage
  17. Mambo Open Source/Country locale
  18. Configuration
  19. Mambo Open Source/Global configuration
  20. Mambo Open Source/Components
  21. Mambo Open Source/Frontpage
  22. Mambo Open Source/Administration basics
  23. Mambo Open Source/Content
  24. Mambo Open Source/Design
  25. Mambo Open Source/Design basics
  26. Mambo Open Source/Style reference
  27. Mambo Open Source/Dealing with images


  1. Mambo Open Source/How do i fix that
  2. Mambo Open Source/Individual styling for each module position
  3. Mambo Open Source/Mambots
  4. Mambo Open Source/Modules
  5. Mambo Open Source/Different ways of loading modules
  6. Mambo Open Source/Miscellaneous
  7. Mambo Open Source/Resources
  8. Mambo Open Source/Developement