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This article explains the concept of server side scripting, which is a key element in mambo.

What is server side scripting?

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There are two major forms of scripting in web applications. One of them is client side scripting. This is scripts and code that is downloaded to the clients computer and is executed there. A good example of this is JavaScript and Flash. Here scripts are used to create animations, drop-down menus and other functions on the clients computer.

Server side scripting, on the opposite, keeps all the scripts on the server, and they are executed there. In this case, mambo is the script. Basically, the client sends a request to the server. The server, with mambo installed receives this request, and use the scripts on the server to create the page that the user has requested. Then, a finished version of the results of this program is sent to the user, with no scripts in it (except from the client side scripts that might follow with a mambo site).