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This article explains how to use the image function in mambo. The method is to use the mosimage bot, and not any editor.

Uploading images[edit | edit source]

The uploading is done in Mambo's Media Manager, which you can find at "Site > Media Manager" in the backend menu. This takes you to a image uploading interface that is very self-explanatory and easy to use.

First, browse the image you want to upload by pressing "browse" next to the upload field - this field is right underneath the image and folder view. Then, use the upload-button in the toolbar (at the top of the page" to upload the selected image.

Note that the [mambo root]/images/stories folder need to be accessible for writing if this should work.

Inserting images[edit | edit source]

The insertion of images is done with a mambot called mosimage. Most people use the editor to insert images, but there are sometimes issues with the embedded editor method.

Find the image[edit | edit source]

First, find the item where you want images and edit it. Then, select the images you want to use in the "images" tab in the parameter list to the right of the editor field(s). This is done by first selecting the appropriate folder, then selecting the appropriate image, by clicking on its file name in the list that appears under the folder selection.

Then press the "add" button, and the image will be added to the content item. Repeat this procedure if you want to add multiple images.

Place the image[edit | edit source]

To place the images, move the cursor to where you want it to appear and click. Then, click the little flower with an i on it at the bottom of the editor window. This inserts a {mosimage}-tag.

The principle with the {mosimage} is that everywhere that is present it will be replaced with the images chosen in the images tab of the content items parameters. If you have multiple images selected, they will appear in the order they were inserted. If you have two {mosimage} tags, the first will be replaced with the first image in the selection, and the second tag will be replaced with the second image in the selection.

The primary drawback of the [mosimage] tag is that you cannot reference pages using it externally from Mambo. If you want to send html-rich emails that link to graphics on your Mambo website, using the embedded editor's link to the Media Manager will allow you to insert absolute references that can work in your html-rich email marketing.