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Art of Popstar from Kirby64.

Planet Popstar is the name of a fictional planet from the Nintendo Kirby series and the location for most of the game's events. Its location is unknown and the status of its own solar system is never really touched upon in the series, aside from there being many other planets nearby.


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Popstar's appearance is that of a symbolic image of a star, with two blue rings circling it. Despite appearing completely yellow and glowing from a distance, the surface has land masses and oceans very similar to Earth's.

Popstar does appear to be at the center of its galaxy, with the sun and moon (which are similar in size) rotating around it (In Kirby Super Star the sun and the moon actually battle each other, causing chaos on Popstar).

In the anime series, the characters commonly use the word 'star' as we might use the word 'planet', suggesting that Popstar is itself an actual star. An image from the series shows Popstar surrounded by multiple orbits, suggesting either multiple moons, or perhaps it is the sun of a solar system. It is also possible that some of the orbits are Popstar's sun and moon, keeping with the games.

Popstar and surrounding orbits from the Kirby anime


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Dream Land

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Dream Land, called プププランド (Pupupuland) in the Japanese version, is a country on Popstar and also where many of the levels can be found. Its exact size and location are unknown. Its self-appointed ruler is King Dedede, and is the location of Kirby's home.

In Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, Dream Land is found on a peninsula, with Dedede still appearing as king. The Dream Land is the largest continent of the planet Popstar. It can be portrayed as a large star-shaped island in the ocean, a serene and peaceful peninsula, or half of the entire planet of Popstar.


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Dream Land contains the following countries/regions:

  • Green Greens: A plain with a forest where Whispy Woods lives, Green Greens is a great place for Kirby to start his very first game adventure.
  • Castle Lololo: This castle owned by Lololo and Lalala is rumored to be haunted. Kirby will find ghosts and Mumbies here.
  • Float Islands: Complete with a pirate ship, Float Islands may look like a peaceful paradise, but one wrong move and Kirby could end up falling in and drowning in the ocean.
  • Bubbly Clouds: A maze of soft, billowy clouds, Bubbly Clouds definitely has clouds with solid ground much like all other cloud levels in other games.
  • Mt. DeDeDe: Mt. DeDeDe challenges Kirby to battle the four bosses he fought before he got here and then King Dedede.
  • GrassLand: A peaceful, windy field, GrassLand is one of the easiest locations for Kirby to traverse, so there's not much to worry about here.
  • Big Forest: Kirby first meets Coo in this green forest, which is also home to plenty of Gordos.
  • Ripple Field: Compiled of small islands on a large ocean, Ripple Field puts Kirby's swimming skills to the test.
  • Iceberg: Iceberg is a snow/ice-based level, so Kirby will have to watch his step so he doesn't slip. Or, he can get assistance from Rick, who doesn't slip on ice.
  • Red Canyon: Red Canyon is quite big, and has rock and ground enemies that are tough to destroy. It also has battle-based enemies like Blade, Butch, and Masher.
  • Cloudy Park: Taking place at the top of a mountain, Kirby will find caves and castles made of clouds here. Adeleine (Ado) spends much time here.
  • Dark Castle: Dark Castle simply puts all of Kirby's skills to the test. Here, he'll expect to run into all sorts of enemies as well as booby traps and a mini-boss at the end of each of its stages.
  • Block Ball World: This world is where Kirby's Block Ball takes place. King Dedede's castle is located in the center.
  • Star Stacker World: In Kirby's Star Stacker, this world is where the game takes place.
  • Pinball Land: Kirby's Pinball Land takes place in this world where Kirby will have to deal with the Poppy Bros., Whispy Woods, and Kracko, and then, King Dedede.
  • Vegetable Valley: It's easy for Kirby to learn the basics of Kirby's Adventure here in this canyon/valley level. The boss is Whispy Woods.
  • Ice Cream Island: Skillful swimming is the key to Kirby's success here in this palm-tree-lined paradise. In later stages, Kirby will go into the sky above the Ice Cream Island.
  • Butter Building: Kirby will definitely have a long trip up to the top of the Butter Building tower, which is filled with lots of destructive enemies.
  • Grape Garden: Kirby accesses the Grape Garden from the top of the Butter Building. Flying is his key to success here, as the enemies here are accustomed to aerial attacks in the clouds.
  • Yogurt Yard: Yogurt Yard is a mountain/plain level filled with lots of different kinds of enemies as well as plenty of traps.
  • Orange Ocean: Starting in an oacean paradise with a beautiful sunset and ending in a cold region, Orange Ocean is a pretty big stage filled with lots of different kinds of enemies.
  • Rainbow Resort: The sacred location of Dream Land, Rainbow Resort is inhabited by lots of very strong enemies. It is considered a favorite level among Kirby fans because they get to battle all of the mini-bosses in the 2nd stage and take a trip through classic Kirby's Dream Land levels in the sixth stage.
  • Sand Canyon: Sand Canyon is a sandy desert with canyons, a volcano, and a black pyramid that challenges Kirby with booby traps and plenty of enemies.
  • Prism Plains: The very first level of Kirby: Squeak Squad starts off with Kirby traversing through plains and forests and ends with him making his way through King Dedede's castle, where he'll fight King Dedede.
  • Nature Notch (Navel): A peaceful meadow-like level with caves and ruins, Nature Notch starts off with Kirby traversing caverns and then making his way down a castle tower in the crystal caverns. After he reaches the bottom of the tower, he lands in the meadows.
  • Cushy (Creamy) Clouds: Kirby will make his way up the mountains in this level, where soon enough he'll end up in the sky above them.
  • Jam Jungle: Set in a jungle, Kirby is sure to run into plenty of booby traps here. If he can make it past them all, he'll be able to enter the jungle's temple.
  • Vocal (Voice) Volcano: Is it hot in here? Things will definitely heat up for Kirby as he makes his way through this oven-like volcano. The Ice ability is Kirby's best bet for this level.
  • Ice Island: Out of the frying pan and into the frost! Our hero Kirby goes through the challenging outskirts of the frigid Ice Island. At the end, he'll enter a castle where he'll battle all of the Squeaks.
  • Secret Sea: Having let Meta Knight take the treasure he was about to snatch up to rescue his slice of strawberry shortcake, Kirby follows him through the islands and oceans of the Secret Sea. Eventually, he'll reach the Halberd beneath its waters, and board it as it rises out of the sea and into the sky.
  • Gamble Galaxy: Gamble Galaxy is much shorter than many of the previous eight levels, and involves Kirby making his way through space taking on all of the Squeaks one by one before he can solve the mystery of the creepy smoke that enveloped Daroach, which is in fact Dark Nebula.

Mirror World

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Appearing in Kirby & the Amazing Mirror, the Mirror World is a location that can be accessed from a magical mirror found in the skies of Popstar. It contains several areas that connect to each other. Dark Mind once attempted to conquer the Mirror World, but with his defeat at Kirby's hands, peace returned to the Mirror World, with everyone remaining on guard in case another evil attacked, and Shadow Kirby vowed that he would always be there to keep them all safe.


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Its locations include:

  • Moonlight Mansion: Set in a mansion in a dark forest, Moonlight Mansion doesn't pose much trouble at all once Kirby gets the hang of it. The boss is King Golem, who looks like Whispy Woods.
  • Cabbage Cavern: Cabbage Cavern is set in a maze-like cavern below the surface of the Mirror World. Kirby'll run into plenty of booby traps here.
  • Mustard Mountain: Kirby must be very careful here as Mustard Mountain is considered a lava-filled mess. He'll run into an old foe if he can successfully make it to the top.
  • Carrot Castle: Composed of twisting, tricky mazes, it's easy to get lost in Carrot Castle if Kirby's not careful. Kirby will run into plenty of enemies and traps here.
  • Olive Ocean: Olive Ocean is challenging for the young pink hero himself, especially when he goes underwater. But if he can successfully make it past the many dangers here, he'll find a sunken ship!
  • Peppermint Palace: Peppermint Palace mainly takes place in a palace in a cold, mountainous region with ice caves and stuff. The boss Wiz fights in a manner that should be familiar to Kirby.
  • Radish Ruins': Kirby could be sure to find Radish Ruins very early. Set in an ancient temple in a vast canyon, this area is jammed with enemies.
  • Candy Constellations: Set in the stars above the Mirror World, Candy Constellations challenges Kirby with lots of enemies and booby traps. The boss should be familiar to those who played Super Smash Bros.
  • Rainbow Route: The starting area for Kirby and the Amazing Mirror, Rainbow Route is also the hub area where Kirby's many trips to and through certain areas of the Mirror World begin.

Other planets

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Kirby Super Star Planets

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Except for the Mystery Planet, each of these planet's has its own Dream Fountain.

  • Floria - A forest planet that is relatively peaceful. The planet's seasons change with every doorway.
  • Aqualiss - A tropical water planet, with plenty of swimming opportunities.
  • Unnamed Mystery Planet - A green star between Aqualiss and Skyhigh. Mostly uninhabited (except for TACs), and easily missed.
  • Skyhigh - A planet with much of its ground being nothing but clouds.
  • Hotheat - A volcanic planet. Lava threatens all who come here.
  • Cavios - A planet that consists of one giant maze-like cave.
  • Mecheye - A strange planet consisting of various machinery.
  • HalfMoon - Platforms of stars and high winds make up this planet's terrain
  • NOVA - Not a planet, but rather a strange mechanical creature that can be summoned by collecting the energies of the seven other planet's Dream Fountains. When summoned, NOVA will grant its summoner one wish. Kirby, on Marx's suggestion, summons NOVA to wish that the Sun and Moon of Popstar would stop fighting. Marx, however, steals Kirby's wish and asks for the power to conquer Popstar instead. When Marx sends NOVA to crash into Popstar, the Sun and Moon hold it back while Kirby, riding a spaceship created from the energies he collected, flies into NOVA and destroys its heart. Later, Kirby defeats Marx himself, and sends him crashing into NOVA, destroying the both of them.

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards Planets

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  • Rock Star - A planet consisting of deserts, ruins, and a strange alien-like spaceship.
  • Aqua Star - Like Aqualiss, Aqua Star is a water-filled tropical paradise.
  • Neo Star - A planet of various ecosystems, such as forests, jungles and caverns.
  • Shiver Star - A wintery planet, with a cloud world and even a factory. It highly resembles Earth. It even has its own moon orbiting it.
  • Ripple Star - Ripple Star is a peaceful planet inhabited by fun-loving fairies like Ribbon. Dark Matter took over the planet once, and, during their adventure to get the pieces of the planet's shattered prize crystal, Kirby and friends came here and defeated it and freed all of Ripple Star from its grasp. After they then defeated O2 at Dark Star, Ripple Star was fully at peace once again.
  • Dark Star - Dark Star is a planet made of Dark Matter where Kirby and his friends battled it out with 02, the final boss of Kirby 64.

Anime Planets

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  • Pipi - Interestingly enough, Pipi is the only planet in the anime other than Popstar that has a name. It is home to the royal princess Rona, her loyal servant Commander Vee, and her father, who is old in age.