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This is a comprehensive list of Kirby powers from the Kirby games. Kirby's trademark ability is to inhale enemies, as well as items and food, which wield different effects. In Kirby's Dream Land, this ability was only used for disposing of enemies or using them as projectiles to defeat other enemies. A new extension of this ability was added in Kirby's Adventure, giving Kirby the ability to steal an enemy's powers by swallowing them. For example, an enemy named Waddle Doo gives Kirby the beam ability. Kirby generally takes on a hat or other appearances depending on his current power, for example, gaining a fiery hat when he has a fire power.

The inhaling ability also allows Kirby to fly, which is one of his most common abilities in the series. Kirby achieves this by inhaling air in order to inflate himself like a balloon, allowing him to float through the air indefinitely. Kirby can also expel the air he uses to float as an attack. When releasing his held in air, it creates a puff which can be used to attack enemies; although, this causes very small damage to an enemy. In some Kirby games— Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, Super Smash Bros, Kirby Air Ride, and Super Smash Bros Melee— Kirby's flying ability was limited. Instead of infinite flight, he was now only able to fly for a short period of time before dropping back to the ground, although his flight time is much longer in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. After his first fight with King Dedede, Dedede mastered the ability to inflate himself like a balloon to compete with Kirby.

Another skill, featured only in Kirby Super Star, was Kirby's ability to guard himself as a tactical power to reduce damage from most attacks. With certain abilities, Kirby instead projects a force field around himself to ward off attacks. For instance, the Ice power lets him encase himself in an ice block, and the Mirror power lets him create a multicolored barrier.

An ability featured in Kirby Super Star which also brought multiplayer to the Kirby series, was the ability to create a helper from Kirby's current power. This helper resembles whatever enemy it was that Kirby's power was acquired. In Kirby's Dream Land 3, Kirby could also get help from another helper character called Gooey, which like Kirby, could steal enemies' powers by swallowing them. Both Gooey and the helper characters would be computer controlled by default, but if another controller was used, the helper characters could be controlled by the second player.

Over the many games Kirby has starred in, he has had varying powers, but he did not have any of these copied powers in his first game, Kirby's Dream Land. The ability to take powers from his enemies was not used until the sequel titled Kirby's Adventure. Kirby gains these powers by inhaling certain enemies and swallowing them. Throughout the other games, there have been varying types of powers, new powers, and even combination powers.

List of abilities

[edit | edit source]
  • Animal: Kirby grows a fur coat, as well as a few adaptations. He can use the claws provided by this ability to slash enemies and dig through soft dirt. He can also leap at prey, or drill through certain materials. When leaping at prey to claw at them, it highly resembles the attack of the Croco enemy in Kirby Super Star.
  • Backdrop: Kirby will inhale an enemy near him, then pound them into the ground. Depending on which way you press the control pad, Kirby will do a different type of wrestling move to the enemy. It was also known as "Back Drop" in the English version of Kirby's Adventure. Suplex from Kirby Super Star is an evolved version of Back Drop. In the Kirby's Adventure remake, Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, Backdrop was changed so that Kirby will move forward instead of inhale when using it, similar to Suplex. The Ability Cap in that game is also identical to Fighter. In addition, Back Drop was renamed Backdrop.
  • Ball Kirby turns into a round ball. By holding down the jump button, Kirby will start to bounce up and down the screen. Once he reaches maximum velocity he becomes very powerful, however he becomes harder to control and more prone to falling into pits. A tight fitting hat is worn by Kirby in Nightmare in Dream Land when he has this power.
  • Balloon: Seen only in Kirby: Canvas Curse, this ability allows Kirby to float like a balloon. In most games, Kirby can do this naturally. In Kirby Tilt n' Tumble, there was a balloon power-up which worked the same way that the Mint Leaf in Kirby's Dream Land was used, in that Kirby would remain inflated even when not flying. As a balloon, Kirby inflates himself and goes higher every time until he pops.
  • Beam: A very common power seen first in almost all Kirby games, it allows Kirby to shoot a beam whip at the enemy. Kirby usually wears a red and yellow jester-like hat when he inherits this power. In Kirby Super Star, Kirby relied on a wand, which expanded to other attacks.
  • Bomb: Kirby is able to throw bombs at his enemies. Most times he is able to adjust the angle of his throws. If Kirby holds onto a bomb too long without throwing it, it can explode causing damage to him. In Kirby: Squeak Squad, the abilities of spark,ice and fire can be mixed with the bomb ability to create two other types of the bomb ability. He can also fly while holding a bomb. In all appearances of the Bomb ability, Kirby wears a blue "Santa" hat except in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. In the Kirby game being released on the Wii, he wears a party hat, though this may change for the final release.
  • Bubble: Kirby's head is constantly bubbling from a tiara and uses a wand to fire a limited-range stream of bubbles in multiple directions. Enemies caught in the bubbles are instantly transformed into ability pedestals suspended in large bubbles, which Kirby can then collect and store. This power is only available in Kirby: Squeak Squad.
  • Burning: Kirby will be able to fly across the screen like a meteor. He is also able to break grey blocks that would normally be unbreakable. In the English versions of Kirby's Adventure and Kirby's Dream Course, it was renamed "Fireball". However, it reverted to the original Japanese name in all subsequent appearances. It was also known as "Burn" in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. In Kirby Super Star and Kirby: Squeak Squad, it is not a standalone ability, but rather an attack available while wielding the Fire ability. In some appearances, Kirby's arms will burst into flames, and Kirby will wear a tiara to indicate the ability.
  • Cannon: Kirby puts on a hard hat inside a cannon. It is seen in Kirby Squeak Squad when he jumps in a cannon. Not a real ability, but it disguises his real ability and protects him as he is fired out.
  • Clean: Kirby will attack enemies with a broom and the dust it creates damages enemies. In the Kirby anime, the cap for Clean Kirby was a yellow bandanna with green stars tied for housekeeping and Kirby could use the broom to fly. He also wears the same Ability Cap from the anime in the Kirby game being released on the Wii, though this may change for the final release.
  • Cook: Practicing his culinary skills, Kirby throws every enemy on the screen, even defeated mini bosses, and cooks them, turning them into scrumptious food that restores health. This ability is rare, and is only able to be used once. It appears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as Kirby's Final Smash move.
  • Copy: Kirby copies an enemy's ability, even some enemies that he cannot suck up. For Kirby, it has a one time use. Once he copies an ability, he effectively losses the copy ability and acquire the new ability. The 'Copy Beam' used by Kirby can also damage enemies that do not have an ability. For Kirby's helper, T.A.C., as seen in Kirby Super Star, he can extend his hand to copy an ability but can dispose of the ability and return to the copy ability to further copy more abilities, much like Kirby himself.
  • Crash: A powerful ability that's only able to be used once. It instantly kills every normal enemy on the screen along with evey block in the area, as well as heavily damages bosses.
  • Crystal Gun: Like the Star Rod, the Crystal Gun functioned as a power to defeat the final boss in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. It only made an appearance in Kirby 64 and was assembled by the parts of the crystal of Ripple Star that the player had to collect. This device rapidly shot crystals at the final boss, 02.
  • Cupid: Kirby becomes an angel, complete with halo and wings. It allows Kirby to constantly remain floating, which allows you to easily maneuver in the air. He can also shoot arrows from his bow, which are weak, but can be aimed in three different directions. The attack can also be charged so Kirby can shoot three arrows at once. In the original Japanese version, this ability is known as Angel, and is one of many notorious translations in Kirby & the Amazing Mirror.
  • Cutter: Kirby is able to throw boomerang-like blades that will travel a short distance then return to Kirby. In some games these cutters can be used as close combat weapons that are used to slice and dice the enemy too. In the Super Smash Bros. series, Kirby can use Final Cutter, a power the Cutter ability had in Kirby Super Star and Sword had in all later games. He sometimes wears a hat shaped as Sir Kibble, and the blades seem to originate from it. In Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, rather than throwing cutters, Kirby tosses a piece of himself as a boomerang, while the other half functions on its own (but cannot float).
  • Fighter: Kirby puts on a red headband, and becomes very skilled in hand-to-hand combat. He's able to punch very rapidly, as well as perform many other hard hitting combos. More recent incarnations even allow him to throw Hadouken-like fireballs. This may be based on Ryu from the Street Fighter series.
  • Fire: Kirby breathes flames and shoots fireballs from his mouth. This was in the first Kirby's Dream Land. Eating Superspice Curry allowed Kirby to spit fire in a different fashion than the fire ability commonly seen today. Now Kirby will spew flames from his mouth. This power is integral when used to light fuses that power cannons, which can propel Kirby to secret areas. In Kirby Super Star and Kirby: Squeak Squad, Kirby could also perform a dashing attack where he converts into a burning meteor in a similar fashion to the ability for Burning. In Kirby Super Star, this attack was acknowledged as Burning Attack. Additionally, In Kirby Super Star Kirby can pull the flame inward to set himself on fire and could turn into a spinning ball of flame while in midair, which, if done just before landing, would allow him to roll a short distance across the ground. Since Kirby Super Star, Kirby will don the same headdress as his enemy, Burnin' Leo.If Kirby do this move swallowing Mario, Kirby will use his hat.
Ice Kirby and his bombing helper can work together to destroy their enemies in Kirby Super Star.
  • Freeze: Kirby generates a shield of snow, ice, and frost, freezing and propelling any enemy that gets near him. Kirby occasionally wears an Eskimo-like purple parka when using this power, very similar to the one worn by the character Popo in Ice Climber. In Kirby Super Star, the Ice ability allows Kirby to use this attack, called the Freezer Blizzard.
  • Ghost: After earning a complete Ghost Medal, all Kirby has to do is find and defeat a ghost mini-boss called Tedhaun, and then swallow him. Afterwards, Kirby dons a light blue ghost-like sheet over his whole body which has turned completely light blue with blue shoes, and he is able to dash into enemies and possess them. He will be able to control any enemy he possesses until they are destroyed. This ability also suffers from the inability to allow Kirby to pass through thin floors or climb down ladders, similar to the U.F.O. ability.
  • Hammer: Kirby can pound enemies flat with his giant hammer, and many blocks that would be otherwise unbreakable. He can also pound pegs to reveal hidden areas. As one of the most powerful abilities, Kirby can even throw the hammer at an enemy; only this causes him to lose his hammer. While initially it had not Ability Cap like Parasol, games after Kirby Super Star give Kirby the white twisted headband from the anime. In the Kirby game being released on the Wii, he wears a hard hat, though this may change for the final release. It is one of very few copy abilities that can be used underwater. In the Super Smash Bros. Series, Kirby equips this hammer as a fighting move.
  • Heart Rod: Like the Star Rod, the Heart Rod also functioned as a power to defeat the final boss of Kirby's Dream Land 3. Its only appearance was in Kirby's Dream Land 3, and was composed of thirty Heart Stars that Kirby had to collect from every stage in every level by completing certain tasks for a friend at the end of each of those stages. Kirby could fire Heart Stars at the boss when the Heart Rod was completed and was used to fight Zero.
  • Hi-Jump: Kirby is able to jump very high. If any enemies come in contact with Kirby while he is ascending, they will take damage. In some appearances, he will wear a crystal tiara and red cape. With his cape, he is also able to perform his jump in the air multiple times.
  • Hyper: Called Super in Kirby Super Star, although not a "proper ability" as such in that it is not obtained by consuming an enemy, when Kirby eats a lollipop sometimes found in the Kirby games, he will become invincible for a short amount of time and will gain a lot of speed. He will flash rapidly and damage any enemy he comes into contact with.
  • Ice: Kirby is able to breathe a frosty stream of coldness that freezes enemies in their tracks. In Kirby Super Star, Kirby could also create a field of ice and snow around his body to freeze nearby enemies in a similar fashion to the ability for Freeze. Sometimes, Kirby will put on a crown made of ice. In some cases, Kirby's skin and shoes will also turn white and blue to indicate this power. In Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, Kirby will not shoot forward, but rather move in a circle. Unlike the Freezer Blizzard attack or Freeze ability, it does not protect above and below him.
  • Jet: Kirby is able to charge himself, and then release the stored energy to fly forward at high speed and even attack with shock waves. Kirby wears a jet pack when using this power.
  • Laser: Kirby shoots a bouncing beam of energy that is able to bounce off of diagonal walls. The shot can be charged up to pierce enemies in Kirby: Squeak Squad. In Kirby's Adventure, this laser came off of his arm, though in all later appearances, his Ability Cap (which is similar to the Copy one) is his equipment used to generate them.
  • Light: As a one time use ability, Kirby lights up the screen, making it bright enough to see. This is valuable in dark areas.
  • Magic: This ability is very rare. When you use it, Kirby will wield a magic hat in which some random events will circle for you to choose. It can be acquired in the event that Kirby eats two enemies with abilities at once or by swallowing the mini-boss "Boxy" in Kirby & the Amazing Mirror.
In Kirby: Squeak Squad, Magic is no longer a one-time use ability. It now functions as any other with a new variety of attacks that pop out of Kirby's top hat, such as razor-sharp playing cards, doves, or a jack-in-the-box-like clown head. Once Kirby acquires the scroll for this ability, he can also use the roulette ability, which is the same as the former, but instead of a roulette wheel, a thought cloud appears, rapidly circling between a lollipop (Hyper), a mix ability, a cherry (Cook), a fireworks show (Crash), or a 1UP.
  • Master: Kirby acquires Meta Knight's almighty sword, allowing him to perform a variety of moves, including an upward jab, a spinning strike, and an energy projectile. It is basically a more powerful version of the Sword ability, and can be used to solve all "puzzles", making it very versatile.
  • Metal: Kirby turns entirely into solid steel, causing him to become heavier and move more slowly but be able to hurt enemies by touching them without being harmed by them at all. In this form, he is able to jump up and pound the ground, and after obtaining the corresponding Ability Scroll, he can morph into a ball that can roll down hills fairly quickly. This doesn't protect him from enemies with a mini-boss or boss status, however. Interestingly, Kirby was able to turn into metal temporarily in Super Smash Bros. Melee by grabbing a Metal Box, which, aside from the temporary lasting and no speed loss, is similar to this ability.
  • Mike: Kirby sings into a microphone, killing all enemies on screen or inflicting major damage to a boss enemy. It is very rare and can only be used three times. An interesting note is that in Kirby's Dream Land, the first game, Kirby did not have the ability to copy powers. However, there was an item called a "mic" that allowed Kirby to scream into the device once and destroy all the enemies on screen. It only showed up twice during the game. It appeared in later titles as enemies (Walky) that could grant the player the same power. InKirby Super Star, the first use Kirby will scream like a banshee into a megaphone, the second into a radio mic, and the third he will don a mohawk and scream into a microphone in a rock n' roll fashion. In "Kirby Air Ride", this ability damages everyone in its range. Kirby dons a pair of headphones instead of a mohawk wig, and it is instantly activated.
  • Mini: Kirby shrinks in size, which is necessary to access certain hidden spots. When Mini he loses his ability to inhale enemies and to puff up and fly, though he can jump higher in one bound. In the original Japanese version, this ability is known as Shrink. It is one of many notorious translations in Kirby & the Amazing Mirror.
  • Mirror: Kirby is able to reflect attacks, split multiple times, and attack with shards of a glass in this form. While guarding, Kirby is surrounded by a semi-circle of rainbow lights that will reflect some attacks. Kirby wears a red and turquoise jester hat when using this power.
  • Missile: When wearing a small cap with a bullseye pattern on it, Kirby will be able to transform into a missile. He is able to fly in any direction, and smash through steel or star blocks without stopping. If he hits a wall or enemy he will explode.
  • Needle: Kirby can sprout sharp spikes from his body. However, he can't move when using this power. Occasionally, Kirby will gain a spiky helmet, and sometimes turn yellow when he inherits this ability. In these appearances, the helmet will generate the spikes rather than Kirby.
  • Ninja: When using this unique power, Kirby dons a samurai helmet. In Kirby Super Star, he also turns into a darker shade of pink. Kirby can attack enemies close up using kunai daggers, or when far away can throw them. He also can dash downward from the air to deliver a sharp kick to the enemy. He also becomes more mobile and can stick to walls, as well as disappear in a cloud of smoke when he is hit. In Kirby: Squeak Squad, Kirby gains a wide-area Fire Jutsu attack and can walk on the surface of water (these two powers can be used in unison to perform a powerful Water Jutsu), but can no longer vanish in smoke in the game. Kirby will also throw hira-shuriken rather than kunai daggers.
  • Ouch!: Not actually a power but in some kirby games when he is hit the name of the ability changes to saying ouch! until kirby recovers
Kirby and his helper using a parasol to glide through the sky
  • Paint: This creates a color explosion to blow all the enemies away from the screen. This ability works like Crash, and it is a one-time use ability as well.
  • Parasol: A defensive ability which protects Kirby from enemies above by giving him a parasol. You can glide on the air with the parasol opened to descend slowly, or hold it out in front of you to block enemy shots.
  • Plasma: When wearing a green electrical crown, Kirby is able to gather static electricity by moving around. The more Kirby is moved, the more energy builds up. When charged up, Kirby will attack using different electrical shots depending on how much power was stored. It ranges from a short spark to a giant ball of lightning that will cross the entire screen. In Kirby: Squeak Squad, Spark can charge up its the power.
  • Rainbow Sword: Like many other magical items in the Kirby universe, the Rainbow Sword is another "ultimate weapon" Kirby must use against the final boss of the game. It only appeared in Kirby's Dream Land 2 and was used to fight Dark Matter. It was composed of the seven Rainbow Drops, which had to be gathered from each of the seven levels of the game. This formed into the Rainbow Sword after Dedede's defeat, exposing the true villain, Dark Matter. This weapon was one of the few that was not assembled as the player beat bosses. The Rainbow Sword is powerful enough to give Kirby smoother flight. As Kirby's Dream Land 2 was released on the black-and-white Game Boy, the sword had to assert the "Rainbow" nomenclature by drawing a huge "rainbow" (merely shades of gray) over Dream Land at the end of the game. However, the game was supported by the Super Game Boy, which was capable of giving the sword the ability to draw a colored rainbow. In the end, it is what restores the rainbows back to the Rainbow Islands.
  • Scuba: Kirby wears goggles and a snorkel. Allows Kirby to be underwater. In early

games, if you went under, you couldn't attack. Recently, you could either squirt jets of water or keep certain abilities (sword, hammer, metal, ect.).

  • Sleep: Kirby falls asleep where he stands. You can't continue until Kirby wakes up about six seconds later. This ability serves no real purpose, and it can be dangerous if enemies strike while you are sleeping. In Kirby: Squeak Squad, this ability can be upgraded to regenerate a small amount of health while sleeping. Most of the time, Kirby will wear a nightcap while he slumbers, usually green. In Kirby Air Ride, if you're lucky enough to run into someone, they would fall asleep as well.
  • Smash: Kirby uses his abilities from the Super Smash Bros. Melee game. His different attacks depend on which way the control pad is tilted when the B button is pressed. In the original Japanese version, this ability is known as Smash Bros., and is one of many notorious translations in Kirby & the Amazing Mirror.
    • B: A quick punch. By use of button mashing, a series of quick strikes can be thrown.
    • B + Left or Right: Kirby swings a hammer.
    • B + Up (stationary or in midair): Final Cutter; a sword is taken out, brought up, and slams into the ground, creating a small quake in the direction it was used.
    • B + Down (stationary or in midair): Stone Kirby
    • B in midair: Kirby spins around, creating a small momentary barrier.
    • B in midair + Left or Right: Kirby swings a hammer around (as he would as Hammer Kirby) in midair.
  • Spark: Kirby generates a force field of electricity, however Kirby can usually not move while doing so. In earlier games like Kirby's Adventure and Kirby's Dream Land 2, this ability created fireworks surrounding Kirby's body rather than a complete electrical shield. In Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, Kirby can walk will using it. In Kirby: Squeak Squad, this ability shares many similarities with Plasma, allowing Kirby to gather static electricity to supercharge his spark field or to launch balls of lightning at enemies, as well as create a huge burst of electricity when used on a thunder cloud. Kirby will sometimes wear an Ability Cap with it, which is similar to Plasma's except it is flowing with electricity.
  • Star Rod: This was used in Kirby's Adventure and its remake, Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land. It was the ultimate weapon used to defeat Nightmare. It resides in the Fountain of Dreams, bringing it the power to allow the beings of Dream Land to dream. It made cameo appearances in certain games, most noticeably Kirby Super Star, where it is discovered that there are more Dream Springs and Star Rods in neighboring planets. In the anime series, he gains this power by inhaling his Warp Star instead. The item is very rare, and is used to fight Nightmare. Kirby is able to shoot stars from the rod or spin in the air, using the rod to slice through anything around him. In addition the Star Rod seems to grant him hovering abilities, as he is able to move around freely in the air and allows him to jump higher than normal. Kirby will wield the Star Rod while possessing this ability. Star Rods were also an item in Super Smash Bros. Melee.
  • Stone: Smash the enemies while transforming Kirby into various and heavy figures. Kirby is immune against any attacks when he is a statue. He can changed into certain rock forms, such as Gordo, a pink block, an 8 ton weight, a muscular man, Samus Aran, and Mario; although some statues appear very rarely. Usually, Kirby will also roll down any inclines, and he can usually also sink in water, although he cannot perform this move in the water. Kirby will usually wear a samurai-like hat, and turn a grayish-brown color when using this power. In the Super Smash Bros. Series, Kirby can use this at any time. He always turns into a rock in Super Smash Bros., but can also turn into a brick, a 100-Ton weight, a Thwomp, or a spiked ball in Super Smash Bros. Melee. In Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, Kirby could walk as a stone version of himself.
  • Suplex: Kirby will grab the enemy, then pound them into the ground. Depending on which way you press the control pad, Kirby will do a different type of wrestling move to the enemy. Unlike Backdrop, Kirby will move forward instead of inhale, and Kirby can perform more moves with this particular ability. Kirby turns a darker shade of pink and wears a blue headband. Its original Ability Cap is later used by Throw, minus the change in skin tone.
  • Sword: Kirby can cut his opponents using a sword. This gives Kirby additional reach, as well as some different abilities such as being able to shoot sword beams or spin in the air. Kirby usually dons a green hat, similar to that of Link from the Legend of Zelda series. It is one of very few copy abilities that can be used underwater. In Kirby: Squeak Squad, the powers of fire and ice and thunder can mix with sword to make a combination of the two abilities mixed, though they cannot be used in water. Kirby can also use Final Cutter in Kirby and the Amazing Mirror and Kirby: Squeak Squad instead of the Cutter ability.
  • Throw: Inhaling enemies, Kirby can wind up a pitch, and toss them in various directions. Kirby will sometimes wear a blue headband while using this power.
  • Tornado: Kirby is able to transform into a tornado for short amounts of time. When in tornado form, he is invulnerable, and able to float through the air. In Kirby: Squeak Squad after obtaining the scroll you can turn the tornado into a fire, ice, or thunder tornado after going over certain terrain such as lava, ice, or electrical currents. He wears a crown with a miniature tornado on it in most appearances.
  • Triple Star: The Triple Star ability features Kirby with a mallet-like wand and three stars surrounding him (hence the name "Triple Star"). When the player presses the B Button, Kirby releases a controllable star in the direction he is facing that will go further the longer the B Button is held. The player can also dig with it, and can be used under water. If Kirby is in midair when this is performed, he will release a star in midair. Unlike normal copy abilities, this ability is a "special" ability and won't disappear if Kirby releases it unless it gets destroyed or a new power is picked up (similar to the Master). The Triple Star is actually Daroach's weapon, and is used to generate a blast of ice. This ability is received after defeating "Dark Daroach" and is only available in Kirby: Squeak Squad.
  • Trolley: This power is only used in Kirby Super Star in the Great Cave Offensive Game. Kirby hops in a mine cart that transports him from level to level. Kirby's copy status box shows a cartoony image of Kirby with a miner's hat and pickaxe, and has the caption "Trolley."
  • U.F.O.: This special and rare ability allows Kirby to effortlessly fly through the levels, shoot beams, lasers and double strength lasers. In the Game Boy Advance Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, beams, lasers, and double lasers are shot depending on how long you press the button. In the original NES Kirby's Adventure, beams, lasers, stars, and double stars are shot depending on how long you press the button. This power only lasts one level. In Kirby: Squeak Squad, however, the ability lasts for as long as you can keep it. This ability is infamous for its inability to go down ladders or through thin floors, severely limiting its usefulness.
  • Water: Many weapons are unable to be used by Kirby underwater, with an exception being the powers with something being held, which are Hammer, Parasol, and Sword. However, Kirby can still strike at underwater enemies by blasting them with a jet of air. In the anime, Kirby inhales water turning him into water. Then Kirby is allowed to spit up an unlimited supply of water onto the enemy at high speeds. Water is one of the three picked creations from a contest in Japan were three of the best creations were put on the anime.
  • Wheel: A speedy ability with which you can roll over your opponents to defeat them. Kirby can continuously run over enemies in this form, and it allows him to skim over water.In kirby super star if Kirby's helper has the Wheel ability, Kirby can ride on top of his helper to roll over enemies, while Kirby is able to shoot star beams at enemies. Kirby dons a backwards red cap in most appearances. In Kirby: Squeak Squad, you can use the wheel over certain areas such as fire, ice, or electricity to charge the wheel with that element.
  • Wing: Seen in kirby super star. Kirby puts on a green headdress, and can fly faster in the air, as well as shoot feathers at his enemies and perform powerful dashing attacks. In Kirby Airide Wing allows Kirby to have extremely fast acceleration.
  • Yo-yo: Kirby can defeat his enemies in style using by using a yo-yo as weapon. He can either throw the yo-yo at an enemy, break dance at his enemies, or grab his enemies and toss them like a yo-yo. Kirby wears a backwards blue cap while using this power. It is believed by some fans that the cap (and checkerboard icon where the life bar is shown) references Ness, like Sword does with Link. Both Kirby Super Deluxe and Mother 2 are made by HAL, and each game has small references to each other.

Compound abilities

[edit | edit source]
Dynamite Kirby

In most games, where Kirby is able to use Copy Abilities from an enemy, he can inhale two enemies at the same time. Usually, this results in the Mix ability, mentioned above, which allows Kirby to randomly select one ability. In Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, if Kirby inhales two enemies with abilities, he will receive a Compound Ability, which utilizes both abilities at once, even if both enemies Kirby inhaled are of the same ability or from two identical enemies. In Kirby: Squeak Squad, combining some abilities in Kirby's stomach produces abilities that cannot be obtained otherwise in the game.

  • Super Fireball: Upon inhaling two enemies with the Burn ability, Kirby turns into a massive phoenix fireball, which can be used to destroy anything in his path.
  • Flaming Arrow: In a combination of Burn and Needle, Kirby can change shape into a bow, and launch flaming arrows at his enemies.
  • "Match" Kirby: When capturing both the Burn and Spark ability, Kirby can set himself on fire through friction that is "supposed" to create static electricty and run through the stage, destroying anything he comes into contact.
  • Sword of Fire: A combination between the Burn and Cutter ability, Kirby wields a giant sword made of fire.
  • Melting Ice Block: In an unusual mixture of Burn and Ice, Kirby turns into a large melting ice cube. He can turn himself into an ice cube, only to almost instantly melt back to normal. This ability provides almost no usefulness.
  • Fireworks: With a combination of the Burn and Bomb abilities, Kirby can light himself into the air, exploding like a firework, burning all enemies in sight.
  • Volcano: A mixture between the Burn and Stone ability, Kirby turns into a walking volcano, and he can spit rocks and lava from his head.
  • "Swiss Army" Kirby: By combining two Needle abilities, Kirby can project a variety of sharp objects from himself, with slightly greater range than the single Needle ability.
  • Lightning Rod: By combining Needle and Spark, Kirby becomes a lightning rod for a second, and a lightning bolt quickly strikes him from above; any enemy struck by the bolt is destroyed.
  • Giant Claws: Combining Needle and Cutter, Kirby's arms turn into a giant bear trap that can snare any enemy unfortunate enough to get caught.
  • Giant Spiny Snowflake: After acquiring Needle and Ice, Kirby can transform into a giant snowflake, with spikes on all sides to destroy enemies.
  • Spike Bomb: Mixing Needle and Bomb, Kirby will transform into an exploding ball that resembles a Gordo, which will send spikes in all directions.
  • Drill: In a combination of Needle and Stone, Kirby can produce a spinning drill. If the B Button is held, the drill will drag Kirby forward. Releasing the button launches the drill head as a projectile.
  • Super Electric Energy Field: Using two Spark abilities, he can surround himself with a large electrical field, and any enemies that enter the field will instantly be struck with lightning.
  • Double-Bladed Laser Sword: Combining Spark and Cutter, Kirby now wields a powerful double-bladed light saber, which he can used to attack enemies.
  • Refrigerator Kirby: Combining Spark and Ice, Kirby can transform into a refrigerator, which will spit out food items. The food can destroy enemies, as well as replenish Kirby's vitality.
  • Light Bulb: Mixing Spark and Bomb, Kirby will imitate a charged light bulb before exploding. This is also useful to light up dark areas.
  • Lightning Boulder: In a powerful mix of Spark and Stone, Kirby is able to sling a big boulder attached by an electrically charged tether, which will shock all encompassing enemies.
  • Super Boomerang: Using two Cutter abilities, Kirby is able to split himself, then throw a big boomerang with spikes.
  • Ice Skating: Mixing Cutter and Ice, Kirby can perform various skating tricks to attack his enemies.
  • Explosive Ninja Stars: Combining Cutter and Bomb, Kirby can throw ninja stars extremely fast, which detonate shortly after contact.
  • Animal Statues: A combination between Cutter and Stone, Kirby can morph into one of six animal friends, each of which has their own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Rolling Snowball: Combining two Ice abilities, Kirby can turn into a huge snowball and roll across the stage. In the process, he will suck in enemies and crush them.
  • Explosive Snowman: In a mix of Ice and Bomb, Kirby will place a bomb on his head, and cover himself with snow to resemble a snowman. In this state, touching an enemy will not hurt Kirby, but detonate the bomb instead. The bomb will also go off if its fuse runs out.
  • Curling Stone: Mixing Ice and Stone, Kirby can turn into a curling stone and slide across the stage.
  • Tri-Missile Attack: With the combination of two Bomb abilities, Kirby can spit out three homing missiles for thrice the damage of a normal bomb.
  • Dynamite: A mixture between Bombs and Stone, Kirby can throw dynamite at his enemies, set a trap for them, or use the bombs to break open hidden areas. However, this a very dangerous weapon, in that is can easily harm Kirby unless he ducks, producing a safety helmet.
  • Giant Stone Kirby: By acquiring two Stone abilities, Kirby can transform into a massive, walking stone, which makes him invincible.

Super Smash Bros. abilities

[edit | edit source]

In the Super Smash Bros. series, when Kirby inhales one of his opponents, he gains that character's B attack for his own use. Alternatively, the player can press the A button with Kirby's mouth full to shoot it out as a damage-inflicting star. Kirby will keep the attack until he takes a hard enough hit, is smashed out of the arena, or manually dumps it using his taunt(Up on the Control Pad in SSBM and the L Button in SSB). When using a copied attack, Kirby will change his appearance to reflect the copied character, such as wearing Mario's hat when using his fireball attack.

Note that generic enemies, such as Goombas and Octoroks, as well as the miniboss teams and Sandbag can all be sucked up, but do not grant powers, similar to the "garbage" enemies from Kirby games. None of the bosses (Master Hand, Crazy Hand, and Giga Bowser) can be sucked up in the first place.

  • Captain Falcon: After Kirby inhales Captain Falcon in Super Smash Brothers and Super Smash Brothers Melee, he wears Captain Falcon's visor. Kirby can pull off Captain Falcon's "B" Button move, the massively powerful "Falcon Punch".
  • Donkey Kong: After Kirby inhales Donkey Kong, he gains fur similar to that of Donkey Kong and can now use Giant Punch move, where he charges a punch, then releases it with devastating results.
  • Dr. Mario: After Kirby inhales Dr. Mario in Super Smash Brothers Melee, he puts on a doctor's garb similar to Dr. Mario's. He can throw Megavitamins.
  • Falco: After Kirby inhales Falco in Super Smash Brothers Melee, he gains a beak and can use Falco's "B" Button move where he can shoot a blaster pistol with a low fire rate, but heavy power.
  • Fox: After Kirby inhales Fox McCloud in the two Super Smash Brothers games, he gains Fox's headgear and ears. Kirby can now use Fox's "B" Button move, being able to shoot a rapid-fire, low power blaster pistol. This ability will also be featured in the upcoming Wii title Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It is yet to be known what effect it will have on Kirby in this title, but it is safe to assume that it will be the same as the previous versions.
  • Ganondorf: After Kirby inhales Ganondorf in Super Smash Brothers Melee, he grows hair similar to that of Ganondorf. He can use Ganon's "B" Button move, the enormously powerful Warlock Punch.
  • Ice Climber/Ice Climbers: After Kirby inhales one of the Ice Climbers in Super Smash Brothers Melee, he puts on an Ice Climber hat. He can fire a block of ice. It resembles the Freeze ability.
  • Koopa/Bowser: After inhaling Bowser in Super Smash Brothers Melee, Kirby grows horns and a red mane. Kirby can use Bowser's "B" Button move, breathing fire. If using his red costume, Kirby will bear a resemblance to Fire Kirby in this form.
  • Kirby: If Kirby swallows another version of Kirby, no additional powers are obtained unless he had another Copy Ability. If he swallowed the other Kirby with the Copy Ability, the other Kirby would lose his ability from that character.
  • Link: After Kirby inhales Link, puts on Link's green hat. Kirby can now use Link's "B" Button move. Depending on the game, Kirby can either hurl a boomerang or use a bow and arrow. It resembles the Sword ability.
  • Luigi: After Kirby inhales Luigi, he puts on Luigi's hat. Kirby can use Luigi's "B" Button moves where he can throw gravity-defying green fireballs.
  • Mario: After inhaling Mario, Kirby puts on Mario's famous red hat. Kirby can now use Mario's "B" Button move where he can throw red fireballs.
  • Marth: After Kirby inhales Marth in Super Smash Brothers Melee, he gains blue hair similar to that of Prince Marth from Fire Emblem, Kirby can now use Marth's Shield Breaker move where he takes out a longsword, charges it up, and then slashes with varying power based on the charge-up time.
  • Meta Knight: This power will appear in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Brawl when Kirby swallows Meta Knight. Its function and appearance are currently unknown.
  • Mewtwo: After inhaling Mewtwo in Super Smash Brothers Melee, his head is shaped to resemble Mewtwo's, as well as growing a tail. Kirby can now use Mewtwo's "B" Button move, the Pokémon move Shadow Ball.
  • Mr. Game & Watch: After Kirby inhales Mr. Game and Watch in Super Smash Brothers Melee, he turns completely black (save for his eyes, which turn white similar to Meta Knight). Kirby can use Mr. Game and Watch's Chef move, throwing sausages.
  • Ness: After Kirby inhales Ness, he puts on Ness' baseball hat and turns it backwards. Kirby can now use Ness' "B" Button move. Depending on the game, he can use either PK Fire or PK Flash. It resembles the Yo-Yo ability.
  • Peach: After inhaling Princess Peach in Super Smash Brothers Melee, Kirby puts on Peach's crown. Kirby can now use Peach's "B" Button move, using the Mario character Kinopio/Toad as a shield.
  • Pichu: After inhaling Pichu in Super Smash Brothers Melee, Kirby wears a hat resembling Pichu's head. Kirby can use Pichu's "B" Button attack, the Pokémon move Thunderbolt, but using it harms Kirby.
  • Pit: This power has only been announced. Its function is unknown currently, though it will most likely bear a resemblance to the Cupid ability.
  • Pikachu: Upon inhaling Pikachu, Kirby wears a hat resembling Pikachu. He can now use Pikachu's "B" Button move, the Pokémon move Thunderbolt.
  • Purin/Jigglypuff: After Kirby inhales Jigglypuff in the two Super Smash Brothers games, he gains a tuft of hair and ears similar to that of Jigglypuff. He can now use Jigglypuff's "B" Button moves. Depending on the game, Kirby can use one of two Pokémon moves, Pound or Rollout.
  • Roy: Upon growing hair similar to that of the Fire Emblem character Roy, Kirby can wield a sword of fire to use the powerful Flare Blade attack.
  • Samus: Once Kirby inhales Samus, he puts on Samus Aran's helmet and using Samus' Charge Shot move, he can charge and fire blasts of energy from his hands.
  • Sheik: After inhaling Sheik in Super Smash Brothers Melee, Kirby puts on Sheik's turban. Kirby can now use Sheik's Needle attack, throwing needles.
  • Solid Snake: This power has only been announced. Its function is unknown currently.
  • Wario: This power has only been announced. Its function is unknown currently.
  • Yoshi: When Kirby inhales Yoshi, he puts on a hat resembling Yoshi, Kirby can now use Yoshi's "B" Button move where he can swallow enemies using his tongue and turn them into eggs.
  • Young Link: This is basically the same as when Kirby swallows Link in the Super Smash Brothers Melee, when he swallows Young Link he wears a smaller version of Link's green hat and can shoot flaming arrows just as Link and Young Link can.
  • Zelda: When Kirby inhales Princess Zelda in Super Smash Brothers Melee, he puts on Zelda's headress. He can now use Zelda's Nayru's Love move where he creates and shatters a magical crystal.
  • Zero Suit Samus: This power has only been announced. Its function is unknown currently.

Anime-exclusive abilities

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NOTE: These abilities (besides Galaxia) were all the winners of a Japanese art contest where Kirby fans living in Japan could draw their own Kirby modes for Part 2 of the two-part Kirby anime episode "The Warpstar's Crisis!", aired in the USA as "Air-Ride-in-Style".

  • Baton: Kirby attacks his enemies with a magical baton, and every time he moves his baton, his enemies move the same way it did. Kirby wears a pink Yarmulke type hat with a yellow magic Baton.
  • Water: Kirby blows water at his enemies, which gives him a big advantage against fire-breathing or fire-throwing enemies. This ability may be coming game-side, however; it was seen in the trailer for the Kirby game being released on the Wii. Kirby wears a light blue tiara with water waves jutting out, and his body turns a translucent water blue.
  • Iron: Kirby uses his snake staff as a club to attack his enemies, and also to block their attacks. Also similar to Stone ability because Kirby turns into a big golem made of iron just like he turns into a Stone with Stone ability. Kirby seems to turn the color of golden iron. The Metal ability in Kirby: Squeak Squad resembles this power, with the main difference being the color.
  • Top: Kirby carries a never-ending supply of tops that he can throw at his enemies. The tops have edges so sharp that they can cut through solid steel.