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MATLAB-to-Julia Functions Mapping[edit | edit source]

The following index is based in part on the MATLAB Product Family section of the MathWorks® Product Family page; the core MATLAB language is covered, as are the MATLAB first-party toolboxes, as well as a section for third-party toolboxes.

There's a MATLAB-to-Julia syntax translator available online.[1]

There are also tools to access Julia from MATLAB.[2]

MATLAB Core Language[edit | edit source]

Functionality available in all MATLAB installations, i.e. not requiring any of the below toolboxes. Organized according to the corresponding MATLAB documentation page:

MATLAB Toolboxes[edit | edit source]

Parallel Computing[edit | edit source]

Math, Statistics, and Optimization[edit | edit source]

Control Systems[edit | edit source]

Signal Processing and Wireless Communications[edit | edit source]

Image Processing and Computer Vision[edit | edit source]

Test and Measurement[edit | edit source]

Computational Finance[edit | edit source]

Computational Biology[edit | edit source]

Code Generation[edit | edit source]

Application Deployment[edit | edit source]

Database Access and Reporting[edit | edit source]

Third-Party Toolboxes[edit | edit source]

The Multi-Parametric Toolbox (MPT)[edit | edit source]

The Multi-Parametric Toolbox (or MPT for short) is an open source, MATLAB-based toolbox for parametric optimization, computational geometry and model predictive control.

There is a relevant discussion thread on the Julia Discourse forums.

Related Julia resources:

References[edit | edit source]

  1. matlab-to-julia: Translates MATLAB source code into Julia
  2. https://discourse.julialang.org/t/ann-juliafrommatlab-jl-call-julia-from-matlab/66882