Italian/Vocabulary/Basic Words and Phrases

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Basic Vocabulary[edit | edit source]

English Italian Literal
Yes Si
No No
You Tu / Lei (formal)
I Io
Please Per favore As a favor
Thank you Grazie Graces
Thank you very much Mille grazie A thousand graces
You're Welcome/Pleased Prego Please thanks
Nothing to it Non c'è di che
Sorry Scusa, Scusi (Formal) or Mi dispiace (last one) To my displeasure
I don't understand Non capisco
Did not understand Non ho capito
Good luck Buona fortuna
How many? Quanti?
How much? Quanto?
I am Io sono
Really/Truly Davvero
Keep quiet/Silence Silenzio Silence
Let's go Andiamo Let's walk
Please, repeat Per favore, ripeta
Very good/Good Bravo Brave
Congratulations Complimenti
What is this? Che cos'è questo?
Where is it?/Where? Dov'è?
You are very kind Sei molto gentile You are very gentle
Who knows? Chi sa ?
Who knows that? Chi lo sa?
What is your name? Come ti chiami?
My name is... Mi chiamo ...

Greetings[edit | edit source]

Hello/Hi Ciao, Salve
Good morning/Good day Buon giorno
Good afternoon Buon pomeriggio
Good evening Buona sera
Good night Buona notte
Goodbye Arrivederci
Farewell Addio
Hello, my name is Ciao, mi chiamo
How Are You? Come Stai? / Come va?

Ordinal Numbers[edit | edit source]

First Primo
Second Secondo
Third Terzo
Fourth Quarto
Fifth Quinto
Sixth Sesto
Seventh Settimo
Eighth Ottavo
Ninth Nono
Tenth Decimo
Eleventh Undicesimo
Twelfth Dodicesimo
Thirteenth Tredicesimo
Fourteenth Quattordicesimo
Fifteenth Quindicesimo
Sixteenth Sedicesimo
Seventeenth Diciassettesimo
Eighteenth Diciottesimo
Nineteenth Diciannovesimo
Twentieth Ventesimo

Cardinal Numbers[edit | edit source]

zero zero
one uno
two due
three tre
four quattro
five cinque
six sei
seven sette
eight otto
nine nove
ten dieci
eleven undici
twelve dodici
thirteen tredici
fourteen quattordici
fifteen quindici
sixteen sedici
seventeen diciassette
eighteen diciotto
nineteen diciannove
twenty venti
twenty-one ventuno
twenty-two ventidue
twenty-three ventitre
thirty trenta
forty quaranta
fifty cinquanta
sixty sessanta
seventy settanta
eighty ottantaz
ninety novanta
one hundred cento
two hundred duecento
one thousand mille


duemila/tremila... /.../ ...mila
one million un milione
one billion (1,000,000,000) un miliardo
one trillion (1,000,000,000,000) un bilione

Colours[edit | edit source]

English Italian
Black Nero
Brown Marrone
Red Rosso
Orange Arancione
Gold Oro
Yellow Giallo
Green Verde
Cyan Ciano
Blue (1)[n 1] Azzurro
Blue (2) Blu
Indigo Indaco
Violet Violetto
Purple Porpora
Magenta Magenta
Pink Rosa
White Bianco
Grey Grigio
  1. Note that azzurra has been included because it is a very common word in Italian and maybe used more often than blu. Azure is the colour of the Italian football team.