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In Italian, some color adjectives are invariable, meaning they do not change according to the gender or number of the noun they modify. This is usually for colors that are also the names of objects of that color. For example, "viola" (purple) is also the word for the flower, so it does not change when used as an adjective.

Quella casa è viola.
That house is purple.
English Italian Color Variable/Invariable Listen
The color Il colore
White Bianco   Variable
Black Nero   Variable
Red Rosso   Variable
Pink Rosa   Invariable
Yellow Giallo   Variable
Blue Blu   Invariable
Light blue Azzurro   Variable
Sky blue Celeste   Variable
Turquoise Turchese   Variable
Navy blue Blu marino   Invariable
Green Verde   Variable
Purple Viola   Invariable
Orange Arancione   Variable
Brown Marrone   Variable
Grey Grigio   Variable
Silver Argento, Argentato   Invariable (Argento), Variable (Argentato)
Gold Oro, Dorato   Invariable (Oro), Variable (Dorato)
Light Chiaro Variable
Dark Scuro Variable
Bright Luminoso, Brillante Variable
Phosphorescent Fosforescente Variable
Intense Intenso Variable
Cyan Ciano   Invariable
Indigo Indaco   Invariable
Violet Violetto   Variable
Magenta Magenta   Invariable
Beige Beige   Invariable
Olive Oliva   Invariable
Teal Turchese Scuro   Variable
Lime Lime   Invariable